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  1. jole

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    Most of my crashes are total pain and fatigue, just unable to move or do because I hurt so bad and cannot stand it.

    The past few months though, every couple of weeks I have a total "burndown" where I feel as though my entire body has shut down on me. I cannot move, walk, talk, think or anything. I HAVE to sleep, and nothing else will do. It is a time of just "being", and barely that. My mind doesn't comprehend what's going on around me even. There are no emotional feelings in me - I just "am". If I do get up, I am sooo off balance I cannot walk without running into everything, and cannot even stand upright. I will sleep anywhere from 20-28 hours and then feel groggy, but better.

    My husband simply doesn't understand this part of the whole disease, how one day I am "okay (in pain)" and the next nonexistant. Does anyone else go through these episodes? It's too much for me to understand.
  2. Engel

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    I have been having a rough time since around the holidays. It has to be this roller coaster weather. I feel good for a day or so then I CRASSSSSSSSSH too. I am getting to the point where I can't sit ... I can't lie down and I now can't even stand the recliner!!! I had a really hard time with my balance this morning. whew! I need to take a shower but I am scared to attempt it. Hopefully I will be able to take on this evening. I also have been sooooooo cold but yet feel flushed and feverish ... but do not have a cold or anything. I had a really hard time sleeping last night and ended up falling asleep in the recliner (after popping a bunch of meds and some Ambien). It is crazy! Men have a hard time understanding our pain (no offense to you guys on here). No one understands UNLESS they live with chronic pain. I think that we are OK one day and then down the next is just baffling to folks. I was supposed to go back to work then crashed and was not able to return. I am never without pain. Some days it is just "less intense". You may want to share some of these posts with hubby so he can see you are NOT ALONE.

    ((((((((((( feel better sweetie )))))))))))))
  3. coolma

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    you will learn what your individual triggers are.
    Often it is the weather.
    it is Spring and that is a very painful time for most fibro suffers. Because the weather changes day to day and our bodies are so super sensitive the nerves go into overload.

    Hang in there. As with all of us, you will feel better.

    Time and healing has to take place. If your body is fatigued, go with it. Discuss it with your specialist or doctors and see what they can offer you.

    It took me years to get over the extreme fatigue.

    I am 11 years into this and can honestly say I do have a degree of healing. I think time and rest did it more than any therapy. I still take my meds for pain and get rest every day.

    Good luck and I sincerely hope you feel better soon!
  4. jole

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    Engel, I know what you mean about being cold...I have been using my electric blanket again at night and still cold! And yes, very off balance-the shower is best for me in the evening too, because of that. I seem to do my best in the evening for some reason....hubby and I always went to bed together, but now I'm up 'way past him on my "good" days 'cause I don't want to miss out on feeling better time.

    Coolma, I'm in my 4th year of this crazy stuff and still can't get a grip on it! Seems when I have it figured out things change again. Never thought of spring, and I'll bet youre right. Thanks... I love spring and summer, so of course I wouldn't want to blame all these crazy fronts leading into spring on the way I'm feeling. LOL.

    Sure thought quitting work in Sept. would have improved things, but unfortunately, the only thing that has improved is my work stress level...seems I just traded it in for other kinds of stress though. We aer such strange creatures.....

    Thanks again for your kind replies, they do make me feel a little less "freaky".

    Friends - Jole

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