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    i did mean real grandkids, mine and others. also the animals, which are totally spoiled and different. the bald eagles only stop by for refreshment. kinda like the one that comes home from work. i enjoy the scenery around here: the bobcats, cougar (panther), cows, cowboys and i do see the occasional bear tracks. it is refreshing to converse with others that have a different sense of humor. anyone out there from oklahoma?
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    All I can say is that you are very sharp!!!

    And have a sense of humor that I get, I think. Maybe I get on my good days. :)
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    Although I've been in Texas almost 20 years, I still count myself an OKIE! We're there very often, as all our family is still there. DH and I were born and raised in OKC.

    Where are you from, Tejanya?

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    and an okie too. if we didn't have a sense of humor, some people would think we were normal. i live in a lil bitty one horse town and we still can't find that horse. we moved here in 92. most of the family was here or moved after we did. the good part? we don't really see much of each other. makes for interesting meetings when we do. i do keep my ears and eyes open, you never know what lil bits of info might blow by in the hot air from the men that are talking. what? like, did you know that when roy rogers made the movie about oklahoma, trigger got his tail cut off? he was the first star to use weaves in the hair. and look how pop it is now.