Crying out in Pain , I can't stand this anymore What is happening

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    I have been have having bad leg aches and pains in my thighs , hips and knees and my lower back. Tonight this has all gotten so so bad that I am crying as I am writing to you.

    I have a dentist appointment today and I just can't deal with it. the pain that I get when I am paid down in the dental chair only makes my back hurt so bad that I want to throw up { sorry for being so blunt} I can't go and see the dentist when i am feeoing like this. Just typing is causeing paom in my wrist and my hands and well it hurts in both wrists and the base of my hands.

    I have never had this feeling or felt so bad all at once what is happening to me? Is this the flare from you know where? Can flares be set off by stress? I have been fighting this pain for days now and resting as much as I can and still I am hurting badly and my doctor is out of town and his PA is not much help. She just wants to up my dose of MScontin to 200 mgs 3x a day like she did the last time she saw me and all it did was make me sick and gave me a headache and I can't do that at all. or again. I have told the doctor that I won't ever do that again and i will try to get thru to him later in the day and see what he has to say not what this PA has to say.

    When the dentist's office called this after noon to remind me of my appointment I was feeling abit better and thought that I could hanlde it as it is just doing 2 fillings after the root canal's that have been finished. But as the night wore one I was in more and more pain and less awake and ever so sleepy and in more pain than I have been in for so long. I have taken my all my meds although I have one dose that is for emergancies like tonite.

    I know that I really don't like seeing the dentist but i was all ready to go till this flare from hell hit me. IT is storming her and so cold and damp and it is not helping me to feel any better. I have such a horrid feeling that I should not drive feeling like this.

    As I have been so sleepy that while I was reading a book i fell alseep twice today. And tonight whhile i was watching TV I fell in to a deep sleep where I could not get out of and wake up, I wanted to wake up and get up to do sometime but the fatiuqe was so bad that I could not fight is and I had to give in to it and sleep for 3 hours and then I slowly woke up still kinda dozy feeling and somewhat sick to my stomache.

    What if i was driving and i had this spell of being so sleepy that I fell allseep at the wheel? This has never happened to me but I have not flared like this before. So am afraid that this could happen to me .

    I have had flares before andthey have been nothin like this is. But just this week I have had p eoblems with my MOm about my addending church and her telling me about some lady that is ill and I said that I did not know her and MOM said well why should you as you don't ever come to chruch.

    I have my reason why I am not adttending right now and I still have my faith in my religion but that comment really hurt me to know that my momther is angry with me for not attending church and will comment on things that hurt me and she knows it or does she? She was ill less than three months ago and she still forgets so many things and details that it is so frightening for me.

    She tells me that she is worried about me and this exta pan I have been in as she see's how I walk and it upsets her as other people notice and she does not want them to think it is her and they are not thinking that, as they are looking as me limp and walking a duck.

    She is at this point that she thinks that she has to tell me what to do and how to handle this fibro and the back problems things that she does not have nor does not know just how painfull it all is, please belive me that I am not making this up and that I really am in all this pain. I get the feeling that no one really understands what this is and how this extra pain affects me and what it does not me.

    Finally early this morning I called my dentist and left a message on the phone telling them that I was ill and would not be there for my appointment. And that this had come on suddenley.I didn't know what to tell me " Sorry but when you called this afternoon to reming me my flare was not as bad , but as the day wore on it became worse and now I can't walk or stand as I don't hvae feeling in my hips and legs and they are tingling too. LIke the receptionsit would understand it.

    I said that I was sorry for such notice about being unable to be there after I had said I would. I said this illness had started and has gotten worse over the evening adn into the night and I was so iil that I wan not going to be there in the afternoon.

    How do you explain to this dentist that you ahve fibro and degenerative disc disease, spinall stenosis, bulging discs L4- L5, L5-S1 and arthitis in my knees and wrists, and I have chronic meyhofasicl pain syndrome too. like he would really know what all this means and would he understand it?

    So I feel a bit guilty that I had told the foffice girls that I would be at the dental appointment this afternoon and I won't be there becuase of this flare.

    They don't know what a flare is and I can't explain it to them and that I have ben fighting it ever since they started this rootcanal and being in the dental chair has set off my back in spasams like no other , and that darn chair only makes the back spasm worse so that by the time

    I have been sitting in that chair for a hour the pain is so bad that I get out to the car and I am sick to my stomach and it is all I can to do drive home andnot throw up before I get home.

    I feel bad that I cann't control how i feel and I can't control this pain I am in with this flare. How I wish I could and I could be there and get the work done adn finished. But I can't stand anymore pain to day. I hope that they will understand me adn not charge me for not showing up at the appointment as I did call them at 2 am to let them know. I know that they have a call list for people who can't make the appointments and they can find someone to take my spot . But I always worry about it. and I was worried that we had to make a appointment today and my husband has not got the money for the $150.00 pay ment as he has not paid at all in march and we are reciving late notices from tthem and that is want is bothering me and makeing me feel rotten? Who knows. I will call them later on and try to explain what is wrong with me.

    But I have to go to bed now as this pain is so badthat I am not going tomake it to bed if I don'tgo now.

    Sorry for being such a baby about this pain from a flare. I heva heard people tell me that a flare lasted for weeks and so far this has been with me for 2 weeks now and that is far more than I can deal with now.

    I really don't mean to be a boob about this pain and I know that some are worse off then me but sssome how I haev lost my ability to handle pain aanymore. I used to be able to deal with pain andnot let it get to me but not anymore I have not pain tolerance now and once I di and what haaaappened to it. PLeas send it back to me as I need it. Thanks for letting me whine and ink I will live and talk with my doctor and find out what to do for the breakthru pain this day.
    What a boob I am today.
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    then do a no show...because if the receptionist good they should be able to work the scedule to their advantage...they may get an emergency call tonight and will be able to have moe time to fit them in...we did all the time...and wished you better...and if you would like request that you be the last patient of the morning or after noon schedule just in case you can not make it again...

    then if you can not make they will either fill it w/another patient or just clean up and go home me they appreciate the phone call...and should thank you for calling...and just request end of day appt.....

    sorry u;you are still flaring from hell...i have been doing that myself was really bad almst 2 weeks hur t to get a hug on the back w/a pat...felt like i was burnned from the pain///

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    Unless it is urgent call the dentist and cancel. I get those flares in my legs etc and lying down makes them worse.

    I had to cancel two dentals recently same day and they understood when I explained the pain and another infection.

    They cannot work on someone who is hurting.

    Love Anne C and feel better
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    Dearest Rose ...
    I understand 100% ...
    MY worse pain in this terrible condition is MY legs also.
    I am sooo sorry for YOUR pain, so sorry.
    I KNOW right now, there seems to be NO RELIEF but never give in or give up- there WILL be relief for you and THEN, YOU will be able to reach out to others that are needing a word of encouragement. YOU will be able to reach them farrr better than someone that has NOT suffered.
    It is HARD for folks that have not experienced such pain, to fully understand our cries.

    I believe that after we have suffered pain for so long and have had to endure and go on, the time DOES come when we simply CANNOT take it any longer and we DO cry out for relief!
    We HEAR and FEEL your cries friend and you have come to the right place! You are among friends (even family) here that can understand and FEEL your pain with you!

    Much love and compassion coming your way today!
    (((hugs)))) Josie
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