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    Hi, has anyone has this done? It is the freezing of a nerve to stop the pain...I have wicked pain around my shoulders and down my arms...and my Dr. suggested this, she said it is used quite often and I can have it numerous times without worrying it would ruin my nerve.
    If you have can you tell me if it is worth doing?
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    I haven't had this done but am interested in finding out more. I have tried rhizitomy(sp) where they burn the nerve endings in the spine.

    Have also had lidocaine injections.
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    It is my family Dr, I go to a pain clinic but she said she could do it right in her office, I guess it is done a lot for Fibro pain. I am just nervous of the freeze part
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    Yes I have a great doc..I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, My first great doctor retired and I was so afraid that I would find another like her, but after 2 tries I found one who is super, would help me as much as possible, I thank God for her!!!
    I haven't done a whole lot of inquiry into it, just starting, thought I would check on here to see if anyone knew something about it.