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    after i became ill....i got pregnant..not sure if i should keep it even though i really wanted to. I kept it...and ended up having a c-section which didnt go as nicely as i would have liked.
    Ive had surgery before coming ill without any problems with anesthesia. But about 10 minutes after the epidural i started blacking out/blurry vision/. Apparantly my blood pressure dropped significantly and i had to be given something to bring it up. The awful feeling lasted 2 days.
    Im very sensitive to medications and such so i expected some weird sensations...but that was scary and what they gave me to fix it made my vision kinda wacky.
    ANYHOW. i just bought the book Oslers Web....and it stated that in a study...there were 10 women with CFS that were prego. ALL of them ended up having to have csections and were given an epidural which included Morphine (normal protocal i guess)....anyways...they ALL I REPEAT ALL HAD BAD REACTIONS IT IT! I thought that was soooo ironic! I remember one of my hospital bracelets said MORPHINE so im not sure what else an epidural consists of but its something for you ladies to be aware of and possibly avoid if you can.
    I wouldnt let it discourage you though......im just really sensitive. And docs are able to raise your blood pressure real quick if need be.
    ********Anyone else have this happen?
    Also...FYI...i was 75% bedridden prior to my pregnancy...im much improved (not normal again)...but im more functional now. So dont be discouraged if you desire to have a baby.
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    I did not have an epidural, but had a postpartum hemorage and was given morophine by IV. This was after 4 natural births, but the pain was so bad it did not help much. Anyway, I had a weird reaction to it as well. It included internal itching. I know this because I went to ER with a migraine a few months later and was given morophine again. I had the same weird reaction. I don't want it again. I did not get prgresively sick until about the same time I got pregnant. Wishing you good health, Laura
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    Oh ya! Thats right....i was SUPER itchy too! I didnt know exactly what from.. i totally forgot about that. It was a crazy all over body itch and it lasted for like 2 days.
    Ya....i dont want it again either!
    Sorry that happened to ya.