CSTRALEY3 answer toyour ssd ??????????

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    Cindy 04/03/06 08:45 PM

    Yes they were. I also had a letter from my former employer.She told them in the letter how many hours I worked 50 to 60 and never missed a day except for when this DD started.She also told them that I had tried to return a few times but could not function............I was also in charge of 250 associates at one time and my position included lots of walking lifting and climbing.

    I gave the letters to my attorney and she sent them on to the judge before my hearing.To tell you the truth I do believe those letters did it for me and the judge asked very few ? I also told her that who in there right mind would give up a 4000.00 a month job for 704.00 a month.

    Be your self be honest and you will be fine.She gave me a bench approval and said that she had no reason not to believe me.That I was honest and sincere.

    Good luck.


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