CT Results, tumor on thymus gland and left adrenal

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    I am reading here tonight on a muscle twitching thread about others here having had thymus tumors & having them removed, I got my CT results earlier this week, saw Madwolf and I am seeing a neurologist next week and an endocrinologist in the near future for the endocrine mass, I go for an MRI next week also, on the abdomen this time for more of a look see into my insides, would not surprise me at all to have a 50 lb mass on the colon as I have the most humongous belly, never never have a bm, feel as if I always just ate 3 thanksgiving dinners, etc.

    Anyway my point is this, I feel about 99.99999% certain I am gonna end up with myasthenia gravis as this past mo I have developed every single symptom, I cannot seem to keep my eyes open, it feels as if they weigh 10 lbs ea, I am sleeping non stop these days, all the time, just like Rose was right before her big trauma. I have a really hard time swallowing, my voice has drastically changed this past mo into a "whiney" voice, it is difficult to speak, I am only able to do about a 5 word sentence and I get worn out, hard to explain that one, strange to feel, that is for sure. I wake up at night about 2x a week choking because I cannot breathe, it is hard to get my breath, my hubby gets really scared, he panics every time, I know I will recover, I just need to sit up & try to get slow deep breaths. The past 4 nights I am sleeping in the LR in the recliner as I do okay and I am sleeping much better elevated like that, also this past mo I have been waking up every morn with my shoulders so painful, my arms numb, hands numb, tingling, and my shoulders do not recover during the day, they just hurt, I drive an SUV, a rodeo and my hubby & I switched cars last week & I am driving the maxima now as it is so much easier on my shoulders & arms, much easier to drive. Also I cannot seem to find the right word I am searching for about 50% of the time, and I have been saying words wrong, like for "countertop" while telling my hubby about the fact that I wanted to sand down the butcherblock we have in one section I said the "dutcherblock". I had not put too much stock in any of these symptoms as with fibro it seems like every time we make an issue of new symptoms it turns out to just be our stupid fibro, so I just have been taking it in stride, the CT scan was done because I found a lump under my left arm, that one apparantly was nothing on the CT scan but they found the other 2.

    Please do not overlook these symptoms, I know we all get reminded of this fact by Shirl & Mikie on a regular basis but we all feel like such whiners already and tend to pass it off as "just fibro"

    I will be very surprised if it is not Myasthenia Gravis, I have done a boatload of reserach into it the past few days, any other ideas out there tho??? The day time sleeping is looking like narcolepsy also, knid of stange after spending the past few yrs with terrible insomnia, feels good to be getting so much rest tho, I must admit.

    Any input from others much appreciated.

    Take care & love to all,

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    about all the trouble you're going through. God bless.
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    It does sound like you have Myasthenia Gravis. My brother has it. I have FM and EDS. He is actually doing better than I am on many days. The right diagnosis means everything! The only difference is that he had the droopy face too. He is doing well on medication and like me, stress is THE ENEMY. I think fibro and MG are kin somehow and maybe one day someone will find the link between them. Keep going to the doctors...it helps to take a written list of symptoms (with times, cicumstances, dates) and a medical history of your family with you as well. Good luck to you.
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    HI Jaci,
    I feel a little bad asking for your help with the Primal Defense, I hadn't realized what you were going through until reading this post - I'm new here today.

    Have you considered mercury toxicity ? I don't know much about it b/c I don't think I have it , but I may be able to help a little as I did consider it for myself. Also, do you have any root canals ?

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    Gosh, I feel absolutely awful for you. :( I am sooo terribly sorry for all the h*ll you've gone through. All I can do is send along my warm thoughts and wish you MUCH better health and a medication to help ease these horrible symptoms. ~Sparrow
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    I am sending up prayers for you. Please keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie
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    let me know if I can be of assistance. My father-in-law has MG and we've had quite an education since he was diagnosed. It's not a good thing to have and I'm so sorry that you may have it. You've done your homework, so I trust your judgment and feel you probably do have it. Have you taken steroids before? If so, did they help your symptoms? I know my f-i-l gets much relief from Prednisone. Keep in touch and let me know how it's going and if I can help, say the word!