CT Scan today: Confused Need Honest Advice

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Heirloom, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Heirloom

    Heirloom New Member

    I apologize that this is so long, so I'll understand if you don't read it. But for those with that extra bit of patience, thank you so much. I had a CT scan today of my neck and head area, and two things occured that have confused my husband and me.

    After months of having my left ear stop up each evening, I went to the ENT doctor yesterday. She thinks that my eustachian tube is not funcioning properly but wanted to rule out a tumor or aneurysm. (I also have hypertension and pulsatile tinnitus.)

    This afternoon, I went to the hospital and had the scan.
    Of course, toward the end of the scan they injected the contrast dye. The tech told me to expect a warm feeling throughout my body. I felt a flushed sensation, but it was followed by a burning in various spots, my throat started to feel numb, and then I grew light-headed. I told the tech, and he came and withdrew the IV. I think that in 10 more seconds, I would have been unconscious.

    The tech indicated that everything was finished anyway, so I got ready, and my husband took me home. I was feeling ok by this time, just weak.

    After being home at least an hour, the hospital called and said that the radiologist needs more angles. They asked me to come back tomorrow or Monday. I chose Monday because I didn't want to go through with the situation again so soon.

    My husband and I are concerned (especially my hubby) about two things - that I may have had an allergic reaction to the dye, and that the radiologist may have seen something suspicious to have called back so quickly.

    Any thoughts would be helpful. Again, I'm sorry this post is so long, but thank you all for being patient, and thank you for your help.

  2. Pianowoman

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    I agree that you may have had a reaction to the dye. I would not have another scan until you discuss that with your doctor or the radiologist.
    As to being called back for further views, that happens all the time. It does not necesarily mean something bad. I think if it were me, I would try to put the second scan off until I had seen my own doctor and had a discussion with him/her. There are other ways to do the scan and other dyes they can use but I would not take any chances.
    Let us know how it turns out.

  3. findmind

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    Hi, heirloom,

    My mom had a very serious reaction to a dye years ago. And she was not allergic to shellfish, which I think they always ask before injecting it. Did they ask you?

    I would call my dr., leave a msg about the reaction, and not take any test with that specific dye again; I'd also get a medical bracelet saying that!

    It is so scary when they "need more views" isn't it? Drives me nuts. Usually its because the technician screwed up, not anything wrong with you.

    Call your doc, and if any dye is injected again, ask if a "crash cart" and dr. are very nearby, ok?

    Best to you,

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