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    i was reading dr mercolas site about ct scans and how harmful they are. mris are safer sona grams too. it said to refuse a ct scan unless life or death issue,

    another point he made was that its safer to fly at night less radiation.

    just look at his site very interesting. love gail
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    there is minimal radiation from a daytime flight. 6 hr flight is half the dose (3 mrem) of a chest xray and 3% of a ct scan. lets not get carried away here. the whole radiation thing has been over done if u ask me. of course you dont want 5 cat scans/yr for 40 yrs if u can avoid it , especially if you have a chronic illness but getting the occasional ct scan is not going to pose any material risk.

    the major source of your radiation dose rate anyway is due to natural sources, radon, food, cosmic radiation, and terrestrial radiation. man made sources of radiation are completely swamped by these natural sources in most cases. on average one is exposed to around 100-200 mrems/year of natural radiation so i wouldnt worry about the odd ct scan (around 100mrem) here and there.

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    Hi Lefty - Dr. Mercola isn't always the best source for information. While I agree with some points he makes, I find a lot of the claims he makes to be based more on his opinion rather than scientific fact.