CTScan tomorrow....AOUGH!

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    While I seem to be convinced that I have FM- my Drs are still going through the elimination process. I had Chest Xray last week - all went well. They ran all my blood work again. Nothing unusual...and tomorrow I go for a CTScan of my sinus and head. Not looking forward to that - but something tells me they will not find anything there either. The good news is if all test come back negative...my Infectious Disease Dr. said that he feels that is could be FM and will help me find the right Dr. - I also found a good OBGYN to run Hormone tests...which I have not done yet. My Aunt is a professional Astrologist. I asked her to look at my charts....to tell me if I am losing my mind, dying or what....and she and her colleagues all think that it is menopause and chronic related disease ..double whammy. When you are in the place that we are in...sometimes you turn to desparate measures to get an answer....any answer!!!

    Funny - I told my sister that I was going for this CT tomorrow and she said - good, maybe now you can get into a good mood. Ewww - that pissed me off. I said that when I feel better - I will be in a good mood - but imagine feeling like crap every single day....fever, headache, sharp pain in side, knees aching, feet hurting....oh but I should be in a good mood....for her! Grrrrr!!

    Ok - I am done....Peace to all!!!


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