Cuddle Ewe.......can you double it?

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  1. islandgirl2

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    Hi everyone. I have been thinking about the cuddle ewe and wonder what size...I share a bed and the other boyfriend that lives with me, really doesn't need it...nor likely want it....I would like to get the queen size for a queen bed so that when I sleep alone I can lay it out full size...if I get a twin just for my side I will never have a full one if I want it. So I thought why not double it..I know thats 6 inches..but if I use an extra deep fitted sheet..or just place it in its own sheet sleeve...I might get extra comfort. Will it hurt the cuddle ewe...if the folded over side in on the outside edge of the bed. Anyone done this before? Thanks.....I'm just looking for the best nights sleep out there at this point...trying to make a good thing better.
  2. TwinMa

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    I'd be happy to try doubling mine when I get it. It probably won't be here until next week, though.

    If no one else that already has one is willing to do it, I will!

    The other thing would be to have your boyfriend sleep on it. You never know, he may love it! Guys like comfy, too!

  3. BethM

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    Before we got our Select Comfort bed I used an extra long twin Cuddle Ewe on my side of the bed. The only problem was that my side was a higher elevation, and that made cuddling a little awkward. I'd think that doubling the height would be a problem,even more!

    I am not sure if a twin size would work in a queen bed, though, might take up part of his side, too, since a california king is the width of 2 twin size mattresses, and a queen is narrower.

    my 2.5 cents...
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    Hi....we were both diagnosed this year...I've had a c-section too for my second of two girls....both are now marriued and have three children between them. I am so happy they arte all healthy and full of mischief. Like you, I've known I've had this for years. It cost me my 30 year marriage..all the doctor books and no husband was approached by a much younger co-worker and the rest took care of itself. I think if I really would have had a word for it then...five years ago...a actual diagnosis, we'd still be together. Not knowing what the cause is takes its toll. You are just too young to have this to deal with but you are wise to try everything. I think massage works well does accupuncture. Well, back to the cuddle ewe....thanks for volunteering to double it but I think it actually will be too high on my side as someone suggested....didn't think of that in relationship to the other side. Guess I'll just get the queen size and use it all over. Nice of you to volunteer....let me know what you think of it.....I can't wait to order mine.....we're going on a seven day cruise dec. 10 and I'm afraid of trying it before I leave because the ship bed will just not be enough......I'll have to see about the small size for would get pampered I suspect and not be able to sleep with out it....the adult version of the "blankie". Anyway...where is the water behind you? I grew up in northern Illinois and we went to Lake Waubesa {sp} every year to rent a cabin and fish. I love beautiful. Thanks again, Maureen
  5. islandgirl2

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    Thanks for your was a good one and I've decided to order the queen size. Never considered the heigth difference.......that makes it an easy decision....probably the best anyway. Maureen
  6. TwinMa

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    So sorry to hear about this DD costing you your marriage. It’s a tough one, that’s for sure.

    I know what you mean about not having a word for this DD. For years, I would say, I’m feeling bad or I feel icky. Hubby would say What is wrong? And I’d always answer, “I don’t know. It’s whatever this THING is that’s wrong with me. It’s the same old THING.” At least now I have a word for it—Fibromyalgia! Somehow there is power in putting a name to it.

    The picture in my profile was taken on the eastern coast of Florida, just south of Cape Canaveral. It was a nice vacation.

    I grew up in southern Wisconsin, not too far from Lake Waubesa.

    I’m glad you are ordering the queen size Cuddle Ewe. I bet your boyfriend loves it, too!

    Hope you have fun on your cruise!


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  7. crumpton

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    Do they still have the travel size? I thought it was advertised awhile ago but do not see it anymore?

    ANyone know and does anyone have it?

    How hard is it to carry with you? I always bring my pillow with me. My pillow is not fancy but my head and neck know it.
  8. sues1

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    What about the travel size?
  9. Shannonsparkles

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    Where do you order your Cuddle Ewe? Thanks. :)
  10. BethM

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    you can order the CuddleEwe through the ProHealth store on this site. They are on sale right now.