Cuddle Ewe underquilt?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cupimick, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. cupimick

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    Hi Friends,

    I was wondering if anyone has invested in this cuddle quilt that is supposed to be great for pain, stiffness and is suppose to help with sleeping. It sounds so good but the price is high. It costs about $326.00, thats a lot when you are out of work but if it really worked I would buy it what's another couple hundred on my charge. Any thoughts or does any one have it?

  2. pearls

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    Boy, I wish a whole bunch of people would respond to this one! I've been contemplating a Cuddle Ewe purchase for some time. I've also seen other things on the market - the Tempurpedic bed, for instance (very expensive), and another bed topper, whose name escapes me. I've tried one of those cheap eggcrate-type foam toppers, which helped some. Then I added a featherbed, which helped some more, but I'm sure you are just like me and need some big time, heavy duty comfort under my poor, aching body!

    I need something to ease all the pressure points, some softness that will rise like yeast dough and envelop me. I need something sometimes that can keep me warm or keep me cool, something that will also help when I'm waking up in a sweat. In short, I need everything a Cuddle Ewe is advertised to do!