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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JewelRA, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    I would love opinions/information on these mattress overlays. Who has tried one and what has been your experience? I have tried just about every stupid mattress out there that is supposed to provide pain relief, as well as memory foam overlays and egg crate overlays, with no luck. These just look so comfy and cozy. I figure with the trial period and money-back-guarantee, what have a got to lose?

    If you also have low back pain, will this give your low back enough support? I am so scared to try anything else, but I am desperate. I guess $200 for a twin-size mattress overlay (just for my side of bed, dh doesn't want one) is nothing compared to trying yet another "top-of-the-line" mattress! <rolling eyes>

    Thank you!

  2. Kim

    Kim New Member

    I sent mine back.

    It made the bed too hot.

    I ended up ordering an organic mattress with a latex core and organic cotton and wool. It has relieved my pain a great deal. They custom made it for fibromyalgia and my cervical injuries. My husband loves it too.
  3. cordy250

    cordy250 Member

    I have been using a Cuddle Ewe for 4 or 5 years and found it very helpful. I have a good mattress, of course, but the Cuddle Ewe really took a lot of the pressure off of my pain points, and it has held up very well.
  4. G.I.Jane

    G.I.Jane New Member

    I don't think I EVER slept with FMS until my Cuddle Ewe - it's wonderful. Completely amazing. If we're traveling to see in-laws we take it with us and I sleep well wherever I go - fantastic! I ended up buying a really nice mattress when I got married - it's like sleeping on the Cuddle Ewe which is just what I was searching for. That Cuddle Ewe started a huge chain reaction of better rest and less pain for me - I love them.
    Good luck & take care - Jane
  5. Meghanne

    Meghanne New Member

    Did anyone switch from a Feather bed (on top of a good mattress) to a Cuddle Ewe? Is it worth the switch? Is there that much difference?

  6. buckeyegal46

    buckeyegal46 New Member

    I used a Cuddle Ewe for several years and realy liked it. Lately I've had an increase with hip, leg, and back pain so switched to a tempur pedic mattress pad, So far it seems to make me less stiff when I try to get out of bed in the morning.
  7. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    That is used for fibro people? Interesting.

    I have tried many far Cuddle Ewe has been the best. Just make sure you turn it every so often for comfort.
    I do not find mine hot.But I am a cold person.

    I got rid of the feather bed I had on top of my mattress (a very good mattress)....I would not recommend one for sure.

    The guarantee of the Cuddle Ewe is very generous so it costs nothing to try it.

    I would think that a twin size on a full size (or bigger) mattress of a bed you share would not be as good.

    Anyone done this and did it work?

    If you look at the papers packed with the Cuddle Ewe they do have a travel one. I would get one if I traveled very much, which I do not any more.....due to Cfids/Fibro.

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