Cumanda long term treatment

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by lagf, Nov 8, 2006.

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    My daughter has chronic lyme. We have done eight months with heavy antibiotics which did not work. We are now in the seventh month of cumanda protocol. She is hexing badly and we cannot see improvement. Not sure when this should lift and if we will see improvement. Any one been on this protocol for this period of time. What happened to you.....
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    I have been on Cumanda with Burbur detox for 7 months now. I take 25 drops twice daily, with 9 drops of Burbur 4-5 times daily for detox.

    When I first started taking it, I did experience several rashes re-emerging, so I take it that it was working. However, I am still very sick, but I have thyroid problems and also CFIDS, so I cannot with any certainty say it does not work.

    FYI, when you buy it, go to Yahoo Shopping and enter "cumanda" and you will find the different online stores that sell it and the cheapest lately has been Renewal Enterprises.
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    Jenni has also been on it for siven months. She is very sick and is also doing a detox which really makes her weak. We cannot tell if it is she sick from hexing or is it just lyme in full force. She also has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue with major thyroid issues so knowing where you are in the jungle is not easy.

    I will tell you that our doctor says their is some cumanda on the market which is weaker then others. She is now doing 120 drops ....
    I hope you feel better. Do let me know how you are doing. Do you have a doctor that you feel good about and what is he saying to you.....
    My daughter is 26. Undiagnosed for eight years....
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    Wow! I'm herxing on 3!

    Where do you guys get your Cumanda? Do you buy it direct from NutroMedics? I think it's safest to go direct to them, becasue they are legit. Not sure if the others would be as legit out there.

  5. lagf

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    We buy direct from doctor and that is the brand I believe. Feel sure it is working.
    Can you explain what you feel when hexing. I cannot know if she is hexing because of medicine working, or is it because lyme is on rampage and meds not working.