Cure? Maybe not but improvement in ME/FM is still great.

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    I have copied this here because Mikie has put is so succinctly:

    As I've been saying here for years, it's important not to use the "c" word (cured) when it comes to CFIDS/ME and FMS for the very reasons you cited.

    * The person believed "cured" may not have had CFIDS in the first place. A diagnosis of CFIDS may be used to cover a lot of conditions and if one receives treatment which stops the symptoms of whatever that person suffers from, he or she may believe that treatment cured him or her when, in fact, the patient never had CFIDS to begin with.

    * A person may have CFIDS with an associated condition. When that condition is treated, the patient may feel well and believe he or she is cured. The symptoms of CFIDS may go into a temporary remission only to rear its ugly head later on. I know because I've had remissions from both CFIDS and FMS for relatively short periods of time.

    * It is important not to confuse a relationship between CFIDS, perhaps a triggering event such as trauma, infection or stress, with the "cause" of CFIDS. There have been many suspected conditions which appear to have a relationship to CFIDS but, as of now, no one has come forward with a scientifically proven cause of CFIDS nor FMS.

    I bring this up only because so many who get sick are desperate for a cure. It is important to gather imformation on our illnesses in order to treat what ails us. It is possible to get better and I am a prime example of that. As I have mentioned before, I started with my worst symptom and treated that. It was successful and I moved on to the second-worst symptom, etc. If one treatment doesn't work, try another as long as any potential risks are acceptable. I do not believe it is possible to heal if one has one, or more, chronic infections. I had two and, when I started to treat them with an antibiotic and an antiviral, my CFIDS improved dramatically over time.

    Finally, never, ever give up. Healing is possible. We all pray for a cure but, until then, we may be able to heal enough to have a rewarding and functional lifestyle.

    Love, Mikie
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