Cure Tooth Decay - by Ramiel Nagel - (Avoid Root Canals)

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    This is apparently one of the best books out there for strategies on how to avoid cavities, tooth sensitivity, and all other kinds of dental stuff, including root canals, even AFTER the dentist has said you need one. --- The link below takes you to Amazon, which has over 200 reviews. It sounds like his methods work. I'll be getting this book from the local library in a couple days or so, and will get back with a review of my own. Some pwCFS have traced the root of their illness to oral and dental issues and subsequently recovered.
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    Wayne, let us know what you think about the book and "advice".....I could have gone thru major work 5+ yrs ago with an already root canal area and have been able to not do the major work.... I believe I read or heard over the years holistic dentists do NOT believe in root canals.....we sure are a bunch of guina pigs....and money makers for the docs.... Fear Fear Fear....

    I hope my area continues to be OK....I use coconut oil a lot and myrrh tincture for my mouth. And just bought a new bottle of Collodial Silver. jam
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  3. So far this book has been announced as the best book, it has crossed around 200 reviews but I read some chapters of this book for the first time and not impressed so much by this book. It doesn't give you a practical approach.
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    As more time passes, I find more and more info on the Importance of Vit D being optimal in our systems.....thinking now after a lot of more searching I've been doing, had I been Vit D optimal from age 53 to about 68 when I found how deficient I was, just MAYBE i could have saved my bones in my groin and avoided hip replacement......14+ some yrs of not much sun, going in and out of car and stores, is not enough sun....

    I found out how empty my Vit D tank was in 2006 and deal with the mess from hip replacement and now thinking it was low low Vit D for too many years.

    Here's a good link on Teeth and Vit D‎CachedSimilar
    The importance of Vitamin D and teeth can't be understated. ... While Vitamin D
    has not been tested as a treatment for periodontal disease, it makes sense to
    optimize your Vitamin D levels in .... I have needed 2 root canals in the past year.