Cured fibro and CFS suppliments:

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    I was asked to explain what Pr. Poesnecker had me on:

    Please review my symptoms and and suppliments he put me on.
    He has given me free tests and works very inexpensively with me. He does NOT work with CFS/Fibro to make money, but to aid the truelly needy. Truely kind and caring, he has been great to me.

    (I was really, really sick when I started with him: Please don't believe that ALL of this was wrong with me at one time!)

    Blood spot on head
    All nighters at the PC
    Dry eyes, throat
    Reaction to Stevia: numb tongue.
    Diariahha at beginning of period.
    PMS moodiness.
    Deep vertical furrow lines between my eyebrows, due to liver stress.
    SEVERE PAIN IN COLON, upon going #2 (once/mo or so)

    Almost Gone:
    Ears ring, or noises too loud.
    Nose bleeds only once per month now. Was daily.
    Cry from the stress. (was daily, now once every 2-3 months)

    Less bathroom time during the day.
    Fewer all nighters in bed.
    Less naps.
    Weight: More stable: 124.8-127.8
    Corn makes nose stuffy.
    Stomach swelling during the day.
    Alcohol recovery: was 2 weeks, now 2-3 days.
    Able to exercise 3-4 times per week.. Unable to before.
    Take less HCL (was 18/day, now 6-8)
    Less chilled to the bone.
    Sleeping w/heating pad/Edger Cayce Pack
    Light Acne used to be bbbaadd.

    Still a problem:
    Digestion still bad sometimes at night (when drink alcohol, or have intercourse)
    Stomach swelling during the eveinging/night.
    Still burping a lot in day and night.
    Carpel tunnel.

    (3) Mil Androgen (cow (bovene) adrenals) They regrow your adrenals, as cow adrenals are so close to human ones.
    (1) Pregenelone 30 mil
    (1) 7 keto 25mil
    (7) Seripohs (at night, to put adrenals to sleep, to heal them)

    I also take other vitamins, that I think can't hurt.
    Like a multi, St. JOhn's wort, (this experience has put me through a divorse, so I like having a bit of a "pick me up")
    Cholerella (10-20 per day)

    This has taken 2 years to get to this point. Not a "quick fix" but I beleive a permanent one. He will not work with you unless you take a test first.

    True, his test is saliva, and some people think that urine test is better. You can talk to him about that. I am not an expert in that area.