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    Here's the shocking truth. I have been cured by Mickel Therapy. It took about a year for me. I was housebound for two years, and much of that time, I was barely able to stand up. I tried much of the usual treatments. I recall Dr. Holtorf, Dr. Chia, Valtrex, Famvir, ThreeLac, etc., etc. I really don't care to think about it. Now I'm able to do everything I did before I was sick.

    I found out about Mickel Therapy through this website. Thank you yellowbird, where ever you are, for putting it out there. Do a search if you don't believe me. Many people on this website have been cured by the mind/body therapies -- Mickel Therapy, the Lightening Process. I feel it's my duty to put this out there again. But I have too much to do now to hang around this message board. After unimaginable suffering, I have my life back. Too many waves to catch, too many dances to dance. It's really real.

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    Congratulations glitterpony on finding your treatment. I will definitely look it up. I say "your treatment" because not one thing works for everyone, but, it is a definite try.

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    thanks for your post. i wonder if mickel therapy is better than ashok gupta's program? i would like to try one of them i think...

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    I am more interested since I learned about Ashok gupta's program targets an actual part of the brain. If we can retrain muscles, why not brain. Now that I wrote that, we hear of the brain being retrained in strokes and many things.

    I think it all has had a bad rap cause the mind/body has made it sound like we were nuts or something. But if you look at it like maybe a virus affected it and it needs to be retrained...well, that sounds realistic to me.

    Cause, let me tell you, there is SOMETHING wrong with my brain. The gupta thing you need a sony playstation (I think) cause the UK's DVD's don't work on our dVD players. I think I have one around here the kids left.

    All of this sounds interesting.

  5. Forebearance

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    Wow! Congratulations, glitterpony! I hope you enjoy your new life.


    LISALOO New Member

    Glad you're doing better.

    I didn't get any better on Gupta, post external mailaise never got better.

    I sent my first diary to Mickel this past week, no response yet. But I can't wait to see what he has to say.
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    So glad you are feeling better. How long have you been "cured"?

  8. bakeman

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    some of your previous treatments help pave the way to recovery?
  9. gapsych

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    I would also ask if you might have gone into remission whether you were trying this therapy or not?

    This DD has a cyclical nature.

  10. mindblower

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    Great news if it's so, but I must say this declaration(the rushed "hit and run" quality of it, its tone, the not giving us a bit more full sense of reality regarding time, how long cured, etc. as well as the not recognizing these CBT therapies as well as many past promoted treatments for CFIDS have a significant history of proving eventual failures after some false hope evoking transitory improvements felt by some who did them) comes off a little suspicious regarding authenticity.

    Would you mind filling in some of these information gaps or at least reporting back here in six months and/or a year from now to show the treatment results stuck, you're still "cured"? "Results Sticking" after a significant period beyond the point of supposed breakthrough is a critical determinant of whether actual cure was achieved in CFIDS, IMO.


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  11. gapsych

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    How long do you have to be in remission to be called cured?

    This is NOT in my head unless you count the neurologic aspect of this DD.

  12. rickj44

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    Been down this road before..very frustrating when there are posts like this. the last time it happen people got upset as, it was a head game..NO details.. not fair to people that are really struggling here.

  13. Andrew111

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    Mickel Therapy involves talking to a therapist, keeping a log, and tracking what you do. But it is not a model that assumes it's in your head. It goes by the idea that this is a hypothalmous problem, along with the body being conditioned to respond a certain way. And you are healing the physical problem via methods that don't require injecting or digesting something.

  14. m1she11e

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    Are you positive about any posts regarding recovery of any kind? Just doesnt matter which positive post I am reading, I wonder "when is mindblower gonna chime in" and try to blow anything that might work for some one out of the water. Or at least try to...

    The "cured" poster has been posting for awhile and tried several different routes to getting better. Lets not assume everyone who gets well is an idiot that doesnt know the difference. If I got WELL I would know the difference between that and just having a sequence of those wonderful good days. I would still post though and try to help others. I guess being well and spreading the word is worth hearing mindblowers doubts!!! ;)

    I am very seriously thinking that Mickel and Reverse therapy are worth a shot. They have better success rates than just about anything else going, and without the horrible side effects. And, I dont at all believe that these therapies are saying it is all in your head. I think we need to remain open minded and hopeful if we are going to see more cures. Why do some people just seem to hate that?


  15. babyk902

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    congratulations!!! you deserve it :)

    Could you help me out and explain to me exactly how you did the mickel therapy-- was it over the phone, did you meet with anyone specifically etc? What's the cost? I'm from New York and i know that there are no therapists that work with the Mickel therapy (so disappointed) so I wouldn't even know the first step in trying the Mickel Therapy, but I'm really interested in it and am considering giving it a shot..

    Love to hear from you, you're probably so busy doing a million things you couldn't do before.. but please get back to me, i'd really appreciate a response.

  16. mindblower

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    "Are you positive about any posts regarding recovery of any kind?"

    If you'd actually read my posts you wouldn't have made the false assumption about me in this question of yours nor your false statements that followed. I'm among of the most positive and confident people regarding the question, "Can CFIDS be conquered or not?" and have supported in several posts which area of treatment I see this might actually be happening in many.

    It might be appropriate for me to say you owe me an apology, but more important I'd more rather see you hold yourself to a standard of simply getting basic AVAILABLE facts straight before you speak. It's ridiculous for you not to do this here.

    And it's perfectly valid and appropriate for anyone discussing CFIDS here to ask for support of a claim of "CURED" in the way that I did.


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  17. mindblower

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    My preference is to receive updates regarding some treatment that "cured" whomever of CFIDS happen as much after the point of breakthrough at which they say they're "cured" as before. "Results Sticking" is a key indication of actual cure given the disappointing history of so many supposed CFIDS cures fizzling soon after their promoted success.

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  18. m1she11e

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    Just stating what I have observed EVERY time... sure Im not the only one to find it amusing.
    Recently a young girl from my home town was stricken with CFS. Her family has far more resources than I EVER did in the 27 years Ive been sick. I have spent all of this time researching so I sent them all the of the info I had. I did tell her though to stay clear of the message boards. I go here and try to "weed through" to make sure I am up on the latest. I knew a girl her age, with a new diagnosis may certainly become discouraged.

    I will stop this here because I think the important message is that Glitterypony did get to a point that she considers herself "cured." Im going to assume she is legit and not an idiot and appreciate her posting at all.

    Some peole will get well from Mickel Therapy and some will not. As stated many times, CFS/ME is a garbage can term for "we dont know what is wrong with you." For those of us who want to keep trying, we can judge for ourselves whether claims are legit and worth pursuing!! Believe it or not, almost all CFS/ME sufferers have done the research and know ALOT about the pros and cons of all of these therapies!! Not just the few that like to cause a stir.

    im not sure why Im ranting. I was just so excited for Glitterypony! Then I saw that "prove it, show us all the data and answer all of our queistions the way we see fit" junk and I just got so sick of it!!!

    If I was Glitterypony, I would say what I had to say and run far, far away!!!!!!!!!


    LISALOO New Member

    I don't know if I'm really supposed to share this.

    I did my first week's journal, sent it to mickel, got the comments back on it. Most tasks that I did that made me more tired afterwards I got a "You were bored" as an answer to why I had increased symptoms. For example, in my view, one day I got tired because I spent longer on the computer than my body can usually handle. Instead I got, "You were bored" I don't get bored on the computer. I get more tired if I'm playing games on the computer than just doing regular computer stuff. Games are more fun so then according to the theory why am I more tired? So instead, I'm supposed to do a more exertional activity when this happens. Huh??? Exertion makes me tired.

    Everything is lonliness and boredom. Only a few other things. I thought I got tired from post external malaise.

    Don't know if this is worth continuing.
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    is there any clinics in calie?