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    Hi Karen,
    I Just went back and saw your post. I'm pretty sure glitterpony "went to" the same fellow I went to, I referred her to him. He's the one in Canada, the only one, and he works over the phone. He's listed on the MT site. He's wonderful. I'd feel weird if I posted his name in public though.

    Look back in the archives to see my history...

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    i am glad you are so much better. that is great. i can see from your long history on this board that you are sincere. :)

    however i still think that for people who have the kind of cfs I have, and that many of us here have - that this type of therapy would be ineffective, and actually harmful physically and psychologicly.

    if these therapies actually worked on a physical illness such as cfs/me- it would be very easy for mikel, gupta, etc to do studies THAT INCLUDE BLOOD TESTS BEFORE AND AFTER THERAPY- for ebv and hhv6 titers, enteroviruses, rnasel, natural killer cells, cortisol, and brain scans, and physical testing for post exertional malaise, mitochondrial function, methylation defects, etc etc.

    if these drs can actually cure or drasticallly improve all of those things- they stand to make a fortune- there are millions of cfs sufferers around the world, desperately looking for effective treatment. so then, why dont they run these before and after tests to prove that their treatment actually works?????????? i think we all know the answer.

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    God I wish!!!!
    If you are cured, really cured,then GlitterPony I am truly happy for you!!! It is what we all want!!!
    ........... others on here, I am really iffy on cures.Because there has been so much time put into *getting better* by each and every one of us...**None** of us are hoping that you are not cured....but understand from being where so many of us have been and still are....and as human nature has it..we doubt....untill we see/feel real progress.
    No matter who tells you/me, *it is all in your mind*...I have heard that soooo much during this dd...No No in our minds.

    Everyone, Take Care!!
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    1.) It is helpful to have a supportive family, support from the medical professionals that we see, and for us to be as posiive in our relationships and view of ourselves from a positive perspective. This is true about any medical condition that people may have. The doctors in the UK that treat CFS say this holds true even for patients that have diseases like cancer. Support is key, even the duration of the common cold can be shortened. There is definitely a mind body connection. This is probably even more true in neurological disorders, where I find that mental stress is equally taxing as physical stress. This alone however, will not cure CFS, FMS, ME, MS, or ALS... though it may help cure some chronic viral conditions.

    Mickel Therapy, or CBT. or other psychological treatments will not cure the diseases listed above. It may help you feel a little better, have a more positive outlook, help with a family support structure, or help you pace and adjust you life to live with your current abilities. CBT and other pschological treatments WILL NOT cure you, unless you never had the disease in the first place. There have been many double blind studies that show this to be true. Mickel Therapy has never even been though a double blind study, and I highly doubt it would be more effective than CBT which has been studied and has taken time to evolve to its current efficacy.

    2.) If I had been cured of this dd, I would definitely want to share exactly what cured me and how. I would answer questions and take the time to become an advocate. Not just hit and run. I have a really hard time believing anyone would do this. We may not all have the same condition, and what works for one, may not work for all. Take Jaminhealth, (hope it's ok with you), but how many times have we heard her advocating grapeseed supplements? I even tried it, though it didn't help much, it did help with sinus pain and swelling. I'd do the same thing if I had found something that worked. There's even a sticky to allow users to tell what has worked for them. I just have a hard time with these posts, and the parting of sick people from their money on expensive treatments. Finally, Dr. Mickel has not been well received in the UK from what I've read, if he was, patients would be clamboring at his door because of the poor reception of the treatment centers in the UK whose emphasis is on CBT and GET. These centers are not being well received by the people in the UK who are tired of deceit, and want real treatment centers, with real cures. I feel that glitterpony may have had an extended case of mono or some similar illness, along with a weakened immune system and the support may have helped her (Best case), or she may be on the payroll for generating testimonials, or even the DR. himself drumming up business, just like the medicine man in the old west that would go town to town selling his elixer for rhuemtism. (Worst case), or merely coicidental.

    Beware of being scammed. If there was really a cure, don't you think we'd hear about it? People would literally overload the site, wanting to tell their stories, and to give credit where due.
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    I think I understand where you're coming from
    I don't think it's "negativity" to want data that is objectively verifable
    that's how science works....placebo vs palliation vs cure...statistically provable

    I had a dear friend with cfids who literally went broke on "cures"

    First she had all her fillings removed...expensive and painful....and was "cured" for a few years
    ...she was sure it was mercury that caused/maintaned her cfids

    Then she relapsed and spent thousands of dollars with some physicist (yes, a rocket scientist)????
    who dumped her when she ran out of cash...but since shortly after this she went into
    remission she truly believed He had cured her.....

    until in a few years her symptoms came back...after supplements and the rest failed her
    she went to a faith healer....$300 per session and they were Hours long.....she now believes...because after 2 years of severe illness...He has cured her

    at her urggging and because of her genuine concern for me I actually contacted this healer...
    hey stranger things have of his "gifts" was over the phone healing...well, if sound can travel over wires why not a little spiritual healing....he then began to describe all my CFIDS symptoms....except they weren't mine...he mostly described some typical stuff....he gave three common CFIDS symptoms over the phone that he was "picking up" from me...except he couldn't be.....I don't have those...

    She was in remission again...and I am thrilled for her...
    but I know people who go into remissions without doing anything....and people who have Just gotten better when they stopped their power drinks etc....

    This is probably a heterogenous illness and people clearly have different courses
    Just Like MS or Lupus some get ill and stay there, some remit and relapse and some go down hill....

    So for me Unless there is sustained Functional Improvemnet it's just another method of symptom relief...which ain't bad...but doesn't stop the underlying it can still progress

    I personally don't think it's negativity to want to know in what specific ways people are better and haw sustained the "cure" is...because that's the only way we can measure it's success without studies...

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    I will gladly listen to any and all and see what it can do for me, I am checking this out mickel had alot of good reasoning but I have tried for over 20 years and some help for a while and maybe I get lazy or it just stops working.

    maybe if we all keep our wits and share we will help each other I'm willing to listen.
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    wow i used to work in sales most of my working life. in fact at 5 i had built a stepping stone bridge over a stream which people had to get through to get to the beach. i was caught charging people to use it. so its in my blood

    this looks like a typical sales hustle to me. how amazing that yellowbird just turned up like that.

    why not describe all the treatment and how it works in detail so as to help others who were there to support glitterpony.

    glitterpony did some one say was suffering from dread amongst other things hmmmm that sounds mental health to me not physical health.

    the london times did an article and lots of on line replies shouted the brilliance of m therapy on investigation it turned out that they were all therapists in m

    so lets hear it all in detail if this is so good and you care to share. or are you just a naughty sadist

    peace love and goodwill to all man/womenkind
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    Kind of sounds like faith healing. Doesn't work with ms and I sure it doesn't work for cfs.

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    All I know at this point is ... I'm Really Exhausted Now!
    -mind is "mush" - --------
    - Going to lie down....... Jim

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    That for the original poster to start this thread and then never reply to a lot of questions leave me as sort of a non-believer.

    I have been reading this and while there are some questions, dis-belief and plain argument, whether for or against.

    I think that if the original poster could come back and answer some questions that some of us may have WITHOUT getting into specific details as there may be some personal aspects that we would certainly respect.

    What was the primary syndrome, disease were you "Treating? ME/CFS or FM? While they are alike and share some symptoms, they are not exact.

    How long from the start did the process take?

    What could we be looking at for financial costs?

    What other areas of our lives would we be able to use this, if this is based on mind body non-medically treated?

    What kind of follow up could be expected?

    There are so many questions that people here would rather "hear" from someone who had succeeded.

    But until many questions are answered, I take the wise words to heart of a very wise person and I know you will recognize who I am talking about.

    "Take what you want and leave the rest" (I hope I got it right......)
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    The original post is dated and glitterpony has not posted since.

    It seems that it would be much less overstimulating to put this question in another post and refer to the original post.

    Reading through all these posts makes me exhausted as well. Other people may feel differently.

    Just a thought.

    What do others think.

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    One can only be happy when a person is "cured". Of what, of course, we know not!
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    ...That was FUNNY! Made me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    LOL!!! I will have to remember that one!!

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    Tea Bisqit I have to agree with you about everything you said. I've been on this board on and off for quite sometime and I know you have too. I wish something would come along to cure us or at least give us alot of our lives back. But I do not think that a programme claiming to cure you with the mind is it. Actually I think it's a slap in our faces seeing as our problem is so very physical. And if this really worked it would have been shouted to the world by now (notice that most info is from a few years ago). And there would be no need for this message board anymore because we would all be well and living our lives with no need to be searching for help anymore.
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    Well, I guess it has been about four years since my last post, and I am still cured. It has been so long that I had difficulty remembering my old email and password.

    I did run from this site like a bat out of hell, I admit. I guess I wanted to forget the terrible suffering I endured. But here is what I know:

    I was desperately sick. Dr.Holtorf said I was "a classic case" and "one of his sickest patients." He did not help me AT ALL. I feared I would never recover. I could barely sit at the computer or stand long enough to take a shower. I could not drive at all. I could walk about 50 feet on a good day. I spent most days in bed. Fortunately, I had a lot of financial resources at my disposal. I started to try everything under the sun, whether it sounded too reasonable or not. I figured the way to go at it was to exhaust as many possibilities as I could as quickly as I could. After I had run through about $100,000, I found Mickel Therapy through this site and yellowbird, to whom I am truly thankful.

    Too good to be true? Well, not really. It took me a year or so of very hard work with Mickel Therapy to get well. I was not one of the instant recovery cases, although they do exist.

    Now, I think maybe people avoid Mickel Therapy because they think they are being told they are head cases. They know damn well they are not. But they misunderstand. Basically, Mickel Therapy says you have a brain disorder -- an overfunctioning hypothalamus. It's a hard concept to get. Why I don't know. I could not understand it at all for months. But the brain isn't functioning properly. Practically every system in the body goes out of wack as a result. Please take a look at Dr. Mickel's videos on youtube, and try to keep an open mind.

    Mickel Therapy teaches you a method to get your malfunctioning brain -- NOT MIND, BRAIN -- back to normal. Once you learn how to do it, you can reduce and even eliminate your symptoms. It's something you DO.

    You learn to do it on the phone. My therapist's name is David Greenshields. I haven't spoken to him in quite awhile, but he saved my life. He has a website. Google it.

    Anyway, I hope, I hope I can be of some help to someone out there. I am truly greatful to be well. I consider beating Chronic Fatigue my only true achievement in life. It was truly a bitch, and nothing can compare to it in sheer difficulty. I know you know what I mean.

    Best to you all!

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    But if most CFS or Fibro is due to some viral or bacterial infection - how would it be cured without tackling the pathogens ?

    Just trying to understand.

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    The theory is that the infections, while they may be present, are results, not causes. In other words, you have infections because your brain is malfunctioning, creating an environment where they can flourish. Fix the brain malfunction, and the viruses go away.

    I had many tests for infections, and was told I had several -- all the classics. Can't even remember their names! I tried several antivirals. I realized at some point that the doctors were interpreting the tests differently. There was not even any consensus about how to read the tests! So, you might have high markers for the virus, meaning you might have it presently, or you might have had it at some point in the past. Others with the same numbers might have no symptoms. My problem started with the drop dead Epstein-Barr virus. Mickel Therapy says that any devastating trauma might trigger CFS. It's like the brain gets stuck in perpetual panic mode.
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    Thanks - I will look into it

    Yes, i can relate to my brain being in perpetual panic mode for a long time before all this started