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    Hi erica, was just reading one of your replies to someone talking about your past time. I'm a senior in high school, and although I've been in pain since my sophmore year, it's never been this bad. After school I have to use the heating pad several times if I'm going to sit down again. The school has made accomadations for me and I'm thankful for that, but I still question myself of even being able to do the compromised scheldule.

    It sounds like we starting going through the beginning of the symptoms at the same time- I was 15 when I started to get fatigued and in pain.

    I can't even do anything with any of my friends anymore because I'm either exhausted or in tons of pain. So this has made me so depressed and I barely even talk to my best friend anymore.

    Anyway, I'm going to try and stop complaining now lol, but how bad was it foryou in high school? And did you go to any support groups and find anyone else like you? Because I feel like I'm the only male teenager going through this crap. Well thanks for listening!

    Oh yea, you mentioned U of M? Are you in michigan? Because I'm not too far from Ann Arbor, well maybe about 2 hours.

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    Dude, it was hard enough having CFS at your age, I am so glad I don't have Fibromyalgia. I know what moderate to severe pain is like and what it takes out of you, but I've never had to deal with it for more than a few days at a time.

    There are so many issues for a teenager with a chronic illness. The major one, I think, being that because of the timing it really shapes your personality. In some ways it is good and in others it can be bad. For instance, like you I was really isolated from my peers for a few years. At first, physically, because I had to do homebound for a year, and then with a reduced courseload where I spent most of my energy keeping up academically with nothing left over for developing social skills.

    Luckily I got well enough to go off to college, but then I had so much socializing to make up for, and that can wind up to be a vicious cycle... Getting better, overdoing it, getting worse, feeling lonely, getting better, etc... So the advice I most wish I had actually FOLLOWED back then was to take my medical condition seriously, and not tolerate doctors who did not take it seriously, set expectations for myself at a low enough level that I could ~comfortably~ reach them on a so-so day (or during a so-so phase). My problem was that I knew I should "pace myself" but made that impossible by setting unrealistically high expectations. The key is finding a pace you can sustain indefinitely, rather than the way I would push, crash, then rest.

    Another thing I should have done was talk to people about how hard it was on me. Somehow I think I just expected family and friends to read my mind or something? Maybe if they had the time and ability to be really observant they would have been able to see it for themselves. But people have their own problems, and generally expect that if someone is having difficulty they will be told about it.

    Yes, I am in Michigan too. Saturday I can put my email address in my profile for a while, if you want to talk more.

    Take care,


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    yea thats some of my problem too, im like you in how sometimes i just expect them to read my mind.. i tell my parents how i feel but i have a little sister and a older brother and i dont think they would understand that im probably going to have to deal with this the rest of my life.

    For me, it is the severe pain that bothers me, so thats why doctors mainly tell me I have fibromyalgia instead of CFS. I have really debilitating fatigue sometimes, but I suppose its natural when your in a lot of pain.

    Yes I would like to talk more that would be great, and thanks again for replying.
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    Hey Aaron,

    My email address is in my profile today. :)