Curious if you have these symptoms with fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by momof3inks, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. momof3inks

    momof3inks New Member

    I feel like I've posted alot on this board..tee hee. But I'm curious if anyone else (female) has the following symptoms:

    *during ovulation- excruciating pain in right side for up to 7 days, can't get out of bed because of the fatigue, feel like I'm in a fog..almost feel like you need to go to the ER due to pain

    Males & Females:

    * sensitivity to barometric changes (If there is a bad storm, I am curled up on the couch in pain..extreme fatigue as well)

    *After I exercise it takes me 2 days to *feel better*

    If anyone has any input, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been so worried that something is seriously wrong with me that the doctors are not finding. Obviously I am newly diagnosed with FM, but I feel like I am going to die some days. (literally)
  2. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    I also suffered with the pelvic pain and ended up having a hysterectomy because of the pain. This was before I was dx'd with FM. All I can suggest is heat, heat and more heat. If that doesn't work try an ice pack.

    Oh boy...I can tell a storm is coming before the meteorologist (is that the right word?? lol).

    I thought I had bone cancer or something, even after I received the FM dx. It's so hard to have all this pain and fatigue, not to mention all the other fun stuff fibro brings. Its just hard to believe your condition is not fatal, the doctors didn't miss something. I do thank God I am here even with the FM dx.

    You will learn so much about FM in the days to come. Probably take numerous medications in the hopes of finding a little relief.

    The statement that comes next is hard to hear but someone told me and it actually helped me accept this DD...."There is no such thing as a pain free day". I'd like to add though that some days are more bearable that others.

    Take care day at a time:)
  3. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Hi Mom.. LOL.... sounds funny ..

    just wanted to let you know I to have most of these issues....

    I live in Phoenix az and we are in our Hot Hot summer... and right now very humid .. I have been in a very bad flare for about two months now. can't seem to snap out of it no matter how much I try ... the fatigue is so so bad. I'm in tears because of it.. and the pain, has been at its worse. I could barly lift my cup of hot tea . as it hurt my arm , stabing pain..I hurt to touch , deep muscial pain Bone pain. joint pain.. my hands are very very bad .. sholder blades. in a constant burning , sever pain.. its hard to sit up straight in my chair it hurts so much...

    just had my women thing... to top things off. ... when does it ever end.. ( I know it does not .. but we can wish )

    I know I somthimes think there has to be something else going on... but we can't find anything.. lots of arthritis is showing its ungly face though..

    I have not been able to exercise in so long now... I now its making it worse by not.. but just can't , I am so very fatigued

    I understand what your going through.. and pray that things let up for you .

    Soft Hugles my dear.

    Spirit ~
  4. nink

    nink New Member

    My hormones have always been messed up so I can't attribute anything to fibro specifically.

    Barometric changes do increase my pain if the change is strong enough.

    Often it takes 2 days for post-exercise pain to hit me full-strength.
  5. mmztcass

    mmztcass New Member

    I don't do well from the ovulaton and on until my cycle begins again. Pain is usually on the left side from ovulation.

    Barometric changes do make things worst for me. This is from when a storm is coming or from a very windy day.

    Have you looked at books on trigger points therapy on how to unknot the tight muscles either from exercising or when you feel like you have pulled some muscles out of place? I just got these books from the library and these are a helpful addition to helping me!

    {{{hugs}}} and take care... :)

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