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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by brensjoy, Feb 16, 2007.

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    Does fibro break down your immune system? Since i have had this its seems like i am allergic to everything. For example i have used the same hair dye for 10 years with no problems but now everything i use i have an allergic reation including soap, lotions just about everything, so i am curious to know if this is happening to anyone else
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    I'm not sure exactly what happens, but I can't use meds I used in the past, lotions, bubble baths, shower gels, shampoos,detergents and the list goes on. Its frustrating as Bath and Body Works used to be my favorite place. I got a bunch of that stuff for Christmas from a well meaning relative, I tried it cause I hadn't in a while and I broke out in a dark rash which looked like it had blood blisters in it, took two weeks to clear up. You are not alone. My doctor wasn't surprised when I told him quiteawhile back I couldn't use lots of this stuff anymore, he seemed to think it came with the territory.
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    I know I am also becoming sensative to my haircolor and mascara so our allergic reactions to things must be heightened somewhat although I know that also happens with just aging although I have no idea what peoples ages are. Some cleaning agents also sting my eyes so I spray them on with the vents blowing and run out and come back later to clean. no reactions yet to soaps,lotions,perfumes etc.-yet.
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    i think you are allergic because that stuff is darn toxic! i have always been sensitive to perfumes and that, but sadly, i did not know the extent of the damage that these things do! i know, i know, it is hard to give up, just like junk food because the use is so widespread, and it can be a source of comfort, routine, acceptance, etc!

    oh, to answer the question, yes, i have read and experienced an increase in my chemical sensitivity. it used to just be a nuisance; now i get very very ill if i am around these things.

    pure essential oils smell nice and (as far as i know) have no toxic drawbacks. just dont eat them.

    i started cleaning with just vinegar and baking soda...i know the vinegar (white, the brand "heinz" is the only one i know of that doesn't use formaldehyde btw, crazy but true) stinks, but i got used to it quick. and i did a test to compare ...really, it works beautifully and it is a "nontoxic stink". just open the windows for a bit when you use it. actually, i am glad to have had a couple of friends who were severely chemically sensitive (years before i realized i had fibro) and to have taken a class for parents on how to make your home safer. the state was offering this free class, because of health and environmental concerns..and they found parents to be the most responsive to the information. which, btw, really blew me away. there are isles and isles in the grocery store of nasty toxic stuff, that is being advertised as "healthy"!!! aaaaa! "disinfectant" and etc etc...

    the amount of chemicals being used to clean, to "deodorize", in personal beauty products and everywhere just blows my mind now. please, for the health of us all, and yourself (!) find alternatives to chemicals!

    (p.s. if i repeated myself, i apologize. i am having terrible fog today)

    wishing you great health-