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    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to the boards and wanted to say hello and also get some opinions on some things. Has anyone ever tried the Fibro Freedom pills? I was curious as to if they have been beneficial to you. I have CFS/Fibro and have recently noticed that my fibro is getting worse. I want to try something and wanted to ask for some advise here on the boards. Any responses regarding the Fibro Freedom or other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have not tried the product you mentioned, however out of desperation I have spent tons of money on everything I thought "might help".

    Most things are a waste of money for me because I have such a sensitive stomach I wind up buying expensive supplements and not taking them.

    Just yesterday I tried one pill of "pregnalone" and was nauseated for several hours.

    One thing that helped me slightly was bio identical hormones. Other than that, stress reduction was the biggest help.
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    I found Fibro Freedom pills at our store here. It says:

    Relieves achy muscles, tissues and joints
    Naturally promotes deep, restful sleep
    Cuts through brain fog

    (Also helps our fight as it supports research.)

    Who has tried it? I read some testimonials also at the store, on this. Would love to hear from anyone with knowledge of it.


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