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    my feet hurt so much i curl my toes under from being tense and this causes more pain. i try to consciously relax my feet ut it doesnt last long.

    ive tried taping them straight but that bothers me. then i put those things on that you use when putting polish on.that keeps them straight for awhile.

    does anyone else have this thanks love gail
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    I am actually having the exact opposite things happen - one of my toes in particular wants to flatten to the point it almost seems to bend the wrong way.....happens when I first get up from sleeping and hurts very bad - I have to focus on curling it the rt way.....don't know why it is doing that, but considering all the other issues I have I have put it as one of my lower priorities, though, even though it is quite painful, so I don't have any answers about it yet.....sorry I can't help you more....hope yours gets better

    LEFTYGG Member

    this really is so painful my feet burn are numb hard to walk im so tense from pain. hope your issues get bettet love gail
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    I also have this problem. About 2 years ago, two of my toes started hurting real bad. As time advanced, it was not only my toes but different parts of my feet started to get very sensitive. Now two years later, the entire feet and toes hurt. It is a very burning ache in the toes that make me want to keep moving my toes but that repeated action only increases the pain. Any meal at the dinner table is especially painful. My best position is sitting on the couch with one leg lying on the couch and the other leg stretched. I alter my position several times.

    As far as my feet, the balls of my feet appear to have absolutely no cushion-I walk around like I'm stepping on eggshells. I must wear shoes but I can hardly wait to take them off.
    Standing is agony.

    The surprising thing in all this is that I can still walk for a good distance-I feel almost no pain to my feet. Once I stop the pain starts.

    I recommend that you try all avenues to get an answer since all cases are different. I have been diagnosed with FM since 2000 but actually have suffered at a lesser degree for many years.

    I have undergone every test there is with no explanation of the pain. The last test with a neurologist did it for me when he told me that Fibro hurts a lot. I no longer look for an explanation.

    Good luck and post if you get an answer. I hope this helps although when I read it over my message is very negative, but as I said each case if different.