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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hannahfaid, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. hannahfaid

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    I am thinking of trying Curves... I need to do soemthing. My muscles
    are just wasting away and I am as weak as a kitten

    I am just really afraid of the poor muscle recovery we all have. I would

    hate to waste the money and then not be able to go

    If anyone is a member can you share how difficult the circuit is??

    If its too much I will go back to doing t-tapp.. havent done it in over a

    year and I am getting way flabby.. all the meds don't help

    thanks all!
  2. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Hannah - You don't mention whether you have CFS or FM. The local Curves here is very popular with seniors. My mom is a member and she has arthritis and she finds the workouts doable. You are only doing each machine for 30 seconds, and then you do 30 seconds inbetween on a bounce board just moving to the music and then onto the next machine.

    You might ask your local Curves about doing a trial period before signing up.
  3. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    Hi Tiger, I have fm and cfs... I am having trouble sitting the the toilet because my hips and legs are beat from cleaning the house on Sunday...LOL theres my poor muscle recovery.. I have a 2 story home and I have those darned stairs to contend with.. Let me tell ya, nothing more painful than waking up and trying to go down a flight of stairs when my dogs have to go out.... I am used to taking my time getting up...getting pills in me and waiting a little bit... locked bf out the other day and had to get up throught the night and let out the dogs ughhhh!!
    so that being said.. Im holding out on curves for a bit!! LOL
  4. jrbear

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    Because the exercise are hard on your joints, I can not do them anymore. There is not usually a trial period and the employees are trained on how to talk you into joining! Because this program is good for most women, i didn't have a problem doing that. We are not most women! I believe curves is a wonderful program that really works for women. With my fm, it doesn;t work for me!
  5. tony233

    tony233 New Member

    Curves is a slick outfit that caters to out of shape women. No mirrors, no showers and high fees for the cheesy machines they have. No free weights. It's fine for 3 months if you don't have cfs. The advantage of Curves is you won't get sore since the machines have no eccentric contraction which is what causes soreness and also muscle growth. After 3 months even an out of shape slug should start using free weights or machines that have eccentric contraction. Eccentric contraction is when you lower the weight against resistance. Concentric is when you push the weight up. Buy some weights and workout at home. It's cheaper and more convenient. Curves mixes aerobic and lifting activity. Aerobic activity causes more problems for pwc. I lift at home since I can workout when I want not when gyms are open and I can rest until I'm recovered not like at a gym when someone is always pestering me to use the same weight.
  6. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    well, I joined curves.. I made it crystal clear to the manager that I have fm... She was speaking supportively,, Take it slow.. The last time I was at a gym, I was down for 3 weeks.. I am thinking, I am 41... I have gained back 25 pounds.. They say 18 to be at a good BMI

    Damn... I am not feeling too bad after my first day.. Although, my chiro is next door, I went there right after... Oh hell... am I gonna be sucked into this if I am sick?? I have a day left to cancel... I just thought I would do better if I left the house.. Otherwise, I have no commitment..
    Im really confused
  7. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    hell, I am mad... I remember waking up at 5am...working out..then going to work all day... Damn... It'll never be that way again.. Im getting worse from stress.... Im 41 going on 90.. Very discouraged.. wish the loser bf would just leave already.. I hav ebeen married and divorced 3X... This is harder... I really loved the idiot,,,hes taking me for a ride I am in denial.. If he loved me so much I wouldnt be alone 7 nights a week
    A needed rant nobody else will listen
    Thank you
  8. vivian53

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    I understand how frustrating it is to not be able to do what we used to. Oh the energy I used to have, not just for physical activities, but dealing with the ever present emotional ones too.

    I joined Curves. It is really easy on me. Not too much at all, and as an earlier poster said, probably not enough of a workout. But it gets me out of the house and at lest doing some exercise.

    I didn't want to get rooked in to an automatic monthly withdrawal, or have to pay when I was too sick to go. I set it up so I could just pay monthly and it has worked out for me.

    I hope you get to feeling better.
  9. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    welllllll, I woke up and had to hugs the wall to get down my stairs..

    Neck hurt, back hurt,shoulders hurt, hips hurt... I have felt worse, but I

    am feeling significantly worse that my usual stiffness... I think my hair hurts!! LOL
    I a just happy to get moving again.. Im sure my lymphated system in

    happy.. I tried working out at home.. Not very disciplened.. I feel if I

    can get out of the house I am much more productive. added bonus, my

    massage therapist and chiro, are right next door.. So that helps

    Im gonna try to keep up with it... I have so little muscle anymore.

    . Just want to tone up and an incentive to eat better
  10. Anyone have ballpark membership fees??

    Is Curves fees the same throughout the US, generally? My sister had checked before... she has FM, though not nearly as bad as I, but, battles severe BiPolar II, Borderline Personality Disorder, severe PTSD, anxiety, etc..

    We thought the same, though... dont have a lot of money- the actual 'joining' would (WE WISH, but we know ourselves, & bodies better) that would make us be more 'accountable'... but, when we can't get up- we just can't get up. She comes to my house everyday... she used to be my full-time caregiver when hubby works, but, she does it now, moreso, I believe... (one, she's 33, and lives with our Mom & Stepdad still, she's had a really rough go, her past 3 relationships- one, an exhusband)

    Two, I think *my house* is kind of a 'goal' for her.. that way she at least got up, & dressed for the day... etc

    However, the two of us both suffer from anxiety, & PTSD, and both are increasingly becoming fearful hermits (I cant even MAKE myself answer my own PHONE!!!) so we hoped the gym (Curves) would also get US out of the house, as well... and force us to slightly become social, but, hopefully not overwhelmingly so..

    BUT, what does disability think about Curves, gyms, etc?? We're supposed to do everything we can within our own powers to get better, but, if they saw one of us limping into Curves- would they not yank your benefits so fast your (already) dizzy head would spin?

    Even though my aunt said several Part D insurance companies provide FREE MEMBERSHIPS to curves.. I bet they still would.
    Our whole system is set up for the patient-turned-victim (OF the system) to fail...

    Anyhow... I am 31, hannah, and, I think you did THE RIGHT thing, just by TRYING it.

    Your therapist & medical doc would probably agree- you tried something- that is both an emotional, AND physical *WIN* for you today, ...... even if you can't do it. or don't later... etc..

    Praise yourself for the not-so-small step that I am giving you recognition for already. ;)

    I'M proud of ya.

    I hope you can continue.. I bought some 1lb weights for my wrists, at walmart- (free weight would equal a broken toe, hand cramps, & when I'm laying down- most undoubtedly a broken FACE! OUCH!) and 1.5lb weights for ankles, I'm not even within the awake enough mind frame to just wear them throughout the day, here at home, as I had at least intended, let alone, build up to wearing them on walks.

    We've had SIX inches of rain here since monday, its raining now too, that STINKS because, my sister & I *had* for the last 2 wks or so, pretty consistantly driven to the forestry about 10 miles away, with both my dogs, & walked average of 2.2-2.5 miles!

    The rain dropped us like a couple of hot potatoes! I will surely be extremely* weak, spastic, etc whenever we are able to resume walking (IF we are able to- Indiana weather- it could turn from summer, to winter OVERNIGHT here. UG!)

    Anyways, kudos to you. Cheer up, & give yourself a hug... don't beat yourself up if you can't get there, be glad, and acknowledge yourself when you *can*... and, remember that having this DD is just what it is. It's like trying to stand upright in a DRYER!! Get knocked all over the d*** place.

  11. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator


    I exercise regularly at Curves.

    I benefit from the machines that help me keep my muscles strong.

    You can call them and ask for a free 1 week trial pass.

    Just be aware that a 1 week trail will not be representative of how you might feel after working out there for weeks or months.

    Going from no exercise to one week of exercise will probably cause you to have more pain....just like it did me.

    That would be expected with any new exercise routine.

    After 2-3 weeks, I became used to the routine and my muscles started to become stronger...and the pain lessened.

    I have been going to Curves now for 4 years.

    I found out 9 months ago that my fibromyalgia and fatigue was caused by a chronic borrelia burgdorferi infection (lyme) and other associated tick borne coinfections.

    Exercise is a vital part of my treatment.
  12. tony233

    tony233 New Member

    You shouldn't have any muscular soreness from Curves. Their machines are designed not to cause any muscular soreness.
  13. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    I'm glad that u r telling me what I feel and don't feel
    do u think I stated I was in pain for no reason??
    My hip flexors are so sore the past 2 days that I can hardly sit down without pain
    hate to say this. But ur the negative type I avoid.
    I haven't worked these muscles in2 years and u think I'm not suppose to b in pain?
    My back hurts. My knees are sore. My hips hurt. I don't give a crap what ur opinion is
  14. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    Thank you to the people that are so encouraging.
    For those that are suppose to b in the same boat as myself. Or us. Then make a statement that I shouldn't have muscle soreness from my first workout are just either mean or miserable
    I go on this board for encouragement and advice and to encourage others
    I would never tell anyone how they should or should not feel. Until u have walked in my shoes you have no idea what I feel or don't feel
    u have no idea of my condition. Only what u read and then u make a statement based in what???
    Just upsets me for someone who is suppose to have FM to even make a deduction for me based in their experience. I'm pissed
  15. tony233

    tony233 New Member

    Curves machines are designed to avoid muscular soreness since they have no eccentric contraction. Your soreness does not come from use of the machines. I have been working out over 40 yrs and have a M.S. in Physical Education and am quite familiar with the Curves machines. If you get upset by a helpful comment that is the truth that's your choice.
  16. Criket62

    Criket62 New Member

    Curves was participating a women's fitness study with a university last year. You could participate for a specific price and it was for 4 wks. My daughter was 22 with a toddler and I thought it would be a nice Mother's Day present for her & I to do together. It gave us some time together. I felt more energetic while participating. My husband noticed too. I haven't gone back since (due to lack of energy & pacing myself), but would like to. They are very good with conditions. Curves offers a proven 30-minute workout that combines strength training and sustained cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic resistance. The hydraulic machines are nice in the sense you decide how hard you are going to work out. The faster you work the machine, the more weight you are using. 30 minutes went by very quickly.