Curves for Women

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by GreekChorus, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. GreekChorus

    GreekChorus New Member

    Anyone else participating in this particular exercise program?

    I just started and it is slow going from inert to moving, but I'm not sore all over like with other exercise (yet).

  2. Fairyeyes

    Fairyeyes New Member

    I have been going for about a month now. I particularly like that I need not think about what I have to do next, because of the way the workout is set up. I go three times per week. On the days when I do not do curves, I try to get on my recumbent bike at least 2 days a week.
    I know that for me, personally, if I do not get exercise, I am in much worse shape. This is not to say that there are times when I cannot(flares).
    I also think the fact that I pay 30 dollars a month to go motivates me, as I am on a tight budget-hahahah!
  3. ksp56

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    I am very happy this program is working for you! It is very difficult finding something that works for each of us.

    I belonged to Curves three months before being dx'd. It was great the first month, but then it became harder each visit. I'd go home and sleep several hours afterwards. I rarely sleep during the day.

    It was the repitions that bothered me, and the fact that you had to 'move along' quickly with it being a circuit. I have found for me, stretching videos and gentle yoga work the best.

    Keep enjoying Curves. It was fun and I met nice people!



  4. bsyounges

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    A new Curves just opened a block from my apt. I went in last night for a look see. The women seemed very nice and enthusiastic. No spandex in sight and i actually looked to be one of the younger women in there - and i'm 43.

    The only problem I would have with it - and it has nothing to do with the exercise - is that it was very bright and the music was loud and pounding. I have a real sensory overload problem and know I wouldn't last 5 minutes in that environment. In fact I didn't. That might not be a problem for you. If not, go for it. It seemed to be a very accepting environment and us M/CF types need all of that, that we can get.
    enjoy, bsyounges