Curves..good or not

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greylady, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. greylady

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    I was just wondering how Curves affects those of us with Fibro? Is it helpful or not? I struggle with flare ups whenever I exercise and at times I know I have overdone it..other times, I dont know what causes the flare ups. I was wondering if I would be more successful at Curves.
    Thanks ahead of time.
  2. Shirl

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    Hi Greylady, welcome to the board. Can't help with the Curves, I sort of gave up on traditional exercises and stay with walking and a Nordic Track.
    Thats the only things that I can do that do not cause more muscle pain.

    I am sure others have tried Curves and will share their experience with you.

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. todayisagift

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    its good, just don't push the machines as far as they go like the others do. and if something hurts don't do it any further. I talked to my doctor about my shoulder hurting cause it has been one of my major fm points and he said avoid every upper body machine. he said your not like the others that can work through the pain. if you feel any twinge of pain you stop whatever you are doing. you just have to keep that in the back of your mind. it is a good kind of gym for us because there aren't as many reps with the machines and you get to do stretching exercises afterwards. so many people see great results too!!
  4. nancyb16

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    I have been going to curves and following their food plan for just over three months and I have lost 30# and gained more energy, and strength. I no longer get short of breath just walking, and doing house work, and even my singing is better.I agree with the fact that you have to work at your own pace and their is really no one their who will make you do otherwise, in fact they may even help to modify some the machines so it is less stressfull for you weaker areas.I haven't hurt from the machines but I have felt so good that I've overdone other things like cleaning house, working outside in the flower bed. and not resting as much as I should.I have never had the energy or the desire to exercise for too many years, curves and my friends I've made have made if fun and now I don't think I can do with out it. Exercise was the main thing I was told when I first had fibro and I remember living in the country no excerise clubs then 60's so I'd use soup cans and lay on a table to do arms exercises, we have come along way baby but I was to depressed to care, so I did get a little help from my antidepressants,Never give up!Love nancyb16
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    hey greylady-
    i joined a gym and have had great results with it.i got a trainer who works with people with physical limitations.he started me off slow and has worked me up to where i'm doing things i never thought i would beable to do.i think the main thing is not to over muscle pain has backed off and my balance has improved greatly.i use to walk into walls and trip over nothing.i don't do that any more.i know it's hard to even think about exercise, much less doing it,when you hurt.but at least try to do somw walking and streches.i also use a beginners yoga tape.
    good luck and keep trying!
  6. AnnG

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    At first, I found that going MWF was the best for me. My body needed the day in between to rest. Just this last week I added thursday just to see what happened. I had few ill effects. It might be very hard at first but, don't give up. The good part is you can stop when you are tired. Instead of going around 3 times, start out with one time. Make sure you have the energy to do some gentle stretching before you leave. This makes a huge difference.

    I started the Curves weight plan 2 weeks ago. The book is very interesting. I found the first week difficult but this week it is easy. I am actually losing my carb addiction! The Curves diet and workout have done more for my FM than anything I've tried (including meds!).

    I think you will love it!