Curves program and knees

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    An FYI concerning the Curves workout program.
    I started Curves 4 weeks ago. Love it knees
    dont. 3 of the machines really did a number on my knees
    very quickly. Especially the squat machine. My knees are
    the only part of body that have never given me any significant problems til now.
    I have a friend,Bobbi, who is head of a physical therapy dept. and she said they are seeing quite a few pts. who are having knee pain related to starting Curves.
    I did not go this past week and at my friends' suggestion
    have been taking 600 mg. of ibuprofen every 4-6 hrs.,iceing down my knees for 20 min. at a time and alter. with heat as often as poss..
    They are feeling much better and I plan on resuming Curves next week.
    Bobbi showed me how to modify the excercises that stress the knees so hopefully I can continue this program.
    She said it is not a bad program but the training given to
    the owners/instructors is limited in regards to some of the body mechanics involved. Having participated in several forms of exercise programs over the yrs. I never expected to have a problem of this sort with this program. It will be interesting to see if this impacts the Curves program and how they train their people.
    Interested in hearing from anyone who has had similar problems with this.
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    I started Curves in January. It was great for a month and then I started having problems with my back, fatigue and shoulders/arms. I was diagnosed with fibro in April and knew I needed exercise, so I tried again. Same thing all over, so my rheumy wrote a note and I was able to get some of my money back. It works for others, but isn't for me. I've been using stretching video's and beginner yoga, but sometimes I am to fatigued after using them and have to take a break.

    Hope you find something that works for you.


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