Cut Carbs/Cut Cancer Chances

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    I just read this article on Dr. Mercola's newsletter and I knew this but reading
    it again brings it all home....cut carbs which turn to glucose and cut chances
    of cancer...cancer cells thrive in a glucose enironment. I've been "harping" on
    a friend who deals with horrible skin cancers for 20 some yrs and she FINALLY
    is cutting out breads, chocolate and lots of pasteries...

    This is a bridge friend and very conventional medicine unlike my mindset
    of alternative healing and she doesn't "get it" like I have for many
    years....a couple weeks ago I asked her if her MD ever talks about sugar and
    cancer and she said "no"....she's a good customer for him as she sees him a couple
    times per month to get cancers "cut out" as they continue to spread on her legs...
    She's even had radiation on the legs and MD was suggesting more recently...

    My grandkids just lost their father to horrible cancer, so this is more and
    more in my mind. It's a horrible disease and so MANY don't beat it.

    Dr. Dominic D'Agostino, pHD discusses the Ketogenic Diet...

    I'd like to post his link, but not sure I'm permitted.

    Better yet, if one is interested in reading more, google Ketagenic Diet Cancer and you'll find a lot of info on this "cancer diet"......
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    Jam.....I'm very sorry for your family loss. I hope the girls are OK and will heal quickly.

    I'm trying really hard to cut out much hidden. The problem is I start dropping weight that I can't afford to. I'm now drinking whipping cream in my decaf and adding mayonnaise to a sandwich. Trying to also buy healthy breads.
  3. jaminhealth

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    Sun, are you "trying" to lose weight, if not, do you know why you are dropping weight? Is this a concern for you.
    Granted there is sugar hidden in everything, but we need to be aware of it and avoid lots of those sugars.

    Have you look at links on Healthy Good Fats? I'm losing a bit of weight since my green drinks daily, but slowly and I'm working at that. It's not coming off me and if it was I'd have a concern.

    It will take a long time for my grandkids to do healing from losing their can't be quick. It's a huge void in their lives...but they will go on at their speeds and do their lives, only hope my daughter stays strong, they need her more than ever now.

    A little mayo is fine, and real foods are MUCH BETTER than the low fat, non fat stuff that is loaded with chemicals...
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    Sun, on the breads...some of my friends go for the Ezekial flourless bread, I believe TJ's and WF's carry it....when I'm in the mood for bread, I'll buy Ezekial tortillas at WF's, but NOW bread does not interest me at all...maybe it's the weather too. I'm eating much lighter overall.
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    Sorry for the loss of your SIL. My sister still REFUSES to quit smoking. She coughs like you wouldn't believe. Blames it on allergies. I correct her all the time, and remind her that it isn't allergies, but the stinking cigarettes. I quit 10 yrs ago, but it was too late. COPD.....

    I try to limit carbs, but I love my fruit. And I eat a sandwich everyday for lunch. To tired to make or cook anything else.
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    Stick, my SIL coughed for years and when he finally was pushed to the MD, it was too late, a spot on his lung that spread to brain and eventually liver and he's gone. All the damaging drugs didn't help at all. Just advanced it all.

    I've got so many emotions over this for my daughter and her children, i find myself weeping and then I get angry. It's so raw...We can change and help our health.

    Watch the fruits don't overdo it...people think lots of fruit is good, not so. Just found out on a thyroid board that a lot of fruits are also goitergens, damage the strawberries, peaches, pears....I eat very little at this point in my life.... Just cooked some broccoli and took out a couple frozen turkey meatballs for dinner...I'll have a few chunks of pineapple and mango later...

    I put a 1/2 apple in my green drink and some blueberries if I have them, some chunks of frozen pineapple, some mango too...but a little on all.

    On the smoking, some can smoke into their 90's and will never quit, I know a woman who is 93 and still puffs away, another bridge friend is 81 and the same...she said she'll never quit. So..........
  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member, not trying to lose weight because it comes off my face first and I look haggard. I've dropped sweets (cookies and ice cream are my downfall) so I really have to struggle to keep weight on. As we age everyone looks better carrying more pounds. I don't feel the need for any sweets anymore. That's why the mayo and whipping cream. I eat pretty healthy. I've tried the juicer and would get the shakes whether it was fruit based or just green veggies.

    I'm trying to get used to taking Gabapentin and find I deal with side effects of stomach upsets really bad. Now I'm taking the pill at night right after eating dinner. Also taking an enteric coated peppermint capsule. I'm better but still feel a little stomach upset. Gabapentin is prescribed for FM and also the head tremors I inherited from my mom. The jury is still out as to the tremors but it has helped with the FM pain and I'm sleeping about 6 hrs. undisturbed. I tried taking Lyrica and cimbalta and it didn't help.

    A friend had to go gluten free and uses lettuce leaves as her sandwich wrap. Sounds good to me since I use lettuce on my sandwich anyway. I keep containers of the saltless almond butter from Sprouts in the frig. I eat a couple spoonfuls off and on during the day when I start to feel like my blood sugar is dropping. I'm all out and so is Sprouts as of yesterday. The manager apologized and said the warehouse was probably short. This is the BEST almond butter there it on a piece of BEST bread from Oroweat. It really IS the best bread so it's hard for me to go to another bread. I had tried Ezekiel breads......they're OK....just not BEST.