cut off pain meds cold turkey, any advise

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    I emailed my doctor about 6 weeks ago and told her that I was going to run out of my pain meds the middle of August, and I asked her if I needed to move up my appt and come in eairly to get a refill on my pain meds. She emailed me back and said just email her and give her the pharmacy number and she would call them in. I emailed a week ago last friday and got no response. Then last Monday I called and left a message on the refill line, then again on Tuesday. Thursday I stopped by the office and told the receptionist what was going on and she said someone would call a refill in that afternoon. I called the pharmacy late that night and no refill. So I called friday morning and talked to the receptionist again and she said that I wasn't due to get a refill for another week. I explained that the doctor emailed and told me to let her know when I ran out.I asked if I could speak to the doctor or nurse and she said they don't have time to answer the phone then she put me back on the refill line and hung up. I printed a copy of the email and rode back to the office and handed it to her. This was an hour and a half drive there. I gave her the phone number where I was going to be and asked that she give that to the nurse. I sat there all day long and nothing. I came on back home. Here I am 6:00 am and I havent had a pain pill in two days. I cant' sleep, my husband is in ICU still and I cant go see him because I cant walk up to see him, it hurts too bad to walk that far across the hospital.
    Why do some people act so badly. I really wish fibromyalgia on them all. I really don't think that the doctor ever knew I called. I don't think she would have emailed me back and told me to let her know and she would call me in a refill, if she didn't entend to do so. I had emailed her in the first place because she had told me to try to take 3 pain pills a day instead of two. I did and it seemed to work better.
    I am hurting so bad, and my heart is pounding. I am really scared. My left arm is hurting besides the whole rest of me. I just don't know what to do.
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    Print out your e=mail to this board and take it with you when you do go see your doctor so she can see how hurt you were over this event. If this was a short-coming of her staff, she needs to know it.