Cute Christmas poem/gift using M & M's...

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    Hi everyone...hope you are all having a blessed day. I'm not really "going wild over Christmas" yet, but found this cute idea on the internet and wanted to share it in time if anyone else wanted to do it.

    There is a little poem that you print off, then include it with a small bag of M & M's. I made my papers small enough to fit right in a snack size baggie along with the candies.

    Here is the poem...

    As you hold these candies in your hand
    and turn them, you will see.
    The M becomes a W, an E, and then a 3.
    They tell the Christmas Story, it's one I'm sure you know.
    It took place in a stable a long, long time ago.
    The E is for the East where the star shone so bright.
    The M is for the Manger where Baby Jesus slept that night.
    The 3 is for the Wisemen bearing gifts when they came.
    W is for Worship, Hallelujah, praise His name.
    So, as you eat these candies or share them with your friends,
    Remember the meaning of Christmas.
    It's a story that never ends.

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    Julie - I think this would be fun for kids, and grownups ( I love chocolate). I like that it's made into a little riddle or game where you would have to go back to it a little to get the Christmas message. Good combo of thoughts and treats:)

    Keeping your family in prayer. How is little Lorraine doing after her pneumonia?

    Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving today.

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    Hi Judy...I have a bunch made and set aside to give to our Amish young folk, if they come caroling again this year. And may get enough made to give to the residents at the care center where my dad lives, during their Christmas party.

    Lorraine had "just" bronchitis, and seems to do pretty good most days, but all three kiddos have been sick again. The whole family has been in Tennessee, visiting David's family this they may be worn out and more susceptible to getting sick again, but hope not.

    Actually, Lindsey and David had the stomach flu while on their trip and the kids were coughing again :( They are on their way home, but it will be a long 10 hour drive, even longer if anyone else gets the flu...

    Thank you for asking...