Cutler Clinics in Windser and Sarnia Ont.

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    Hi i was wondering if you have heard of them . If you have could tell me a little bit about them .I hope to be going to them in July .This is when my husband is not so busy

    Also i bought a new book at Coles book store it is by Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland it is the one about fm&cms it has been newly revised and updated i so gald to have got it thanks to every one out there that has been posting about the book it finely sunk in my head to buy it .Plus it was 25% off I love a deal.Well i hope to hear from you bye for now And have a pian free day
  2. nogilroy

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    and hopeing
  3. nogilroy

    nogilroy New Member

    time then i will try closer to july
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    I had a Dr. Paul Cutler save my older son from a life of behavioural problems, psychiatric labels, etc., with his method of allergy testing and treatment. This was in Toronto over 20 years ago.

    This same Dr. Cutler had a clinic in Toronto where he did chelation therapy.

    Do you have any info on this doctor / clinic? What condition(s) is he treating in Sarnia / Windsor?

    Good to hear from you again.

    Love and laughter, DA
  5. nogilroy

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    how are you this Dr Cutler treats fibro but on the info sheet it says Cutler Clinics inc.Division of Cutler Pharmaceutical,inc.
    so may be they are related . i think i was talking to this dr cutler i think they sell a lot of vitames and if i go it would cost 150 dollaros a mounth to go that is a lot of money in a year and i bet it is for the rest of your life it is not covered under any plan . but hope to go just to see how far my fm is doing i think the constaion is free . but even if it is not we will still go.
    so glad that your dr cutler helped your son you take care
    ps my spelling is not the best on a good day and to day it seems like the pits .
    hugs norma
  6. dorothyanne

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    You said you were going in July, which is now nearly gone. I am curious as to whether or not the clinic is run by Dr. Paul Cutler, who would be getting up in years by now.

    Have you been getting a lot of bad storms lately? I keep seeing on Global TV forecasting really bad weather down your way. While this is all going on, we're having sun, sun and more sun!!

    Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

    Gentle hugs, DA
  7. Jen F

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    in Niagara Falls, NY?

    My grandfather went there for several treatments. My father would drive him from Richmond Hill to Niagara Falls about twice per month.

    Really helped him.

    And I think Dr. Cutler knows about Candida and food allergies.

    It's probably the same guy opening clinics.

    He's probably pretty good for FM too, but each person may have an individualized experience, right?

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    How are you Two we did go to Cutler Clinics .The next time i am talking to there office i will ask if they are related .Their office is really in Leamington But he traveles around Ontario and uses other doctors offices for this .He said that he had cfs and his wife had fm they are both better now plus he has helped a lot of other people some 60pc others 90pc and a few that are 40pc most all them go back to work i would just love to get my house back in to shap lol.

    All the blood work was sent to the states , it is back now and the paper work is done just waitng for the supplments and vitemens and what i can not eat to come in the mail that is the best part of this you do not have to travel at all to a office you just call them up and send in sheets about what you eat and take what comes in the mail .You stay on this program for 6 to 8 months And they follow up on you for 2 years . good thing my husband was there or i would of walked the price was a lot and put me in a flare for a few days But hubby said it all made sense to him .I hope this works
    So i am going to be waiting by the mail box everthing should be here this week .and i will be starting this at the end of aug. because we are going away on a vacaton but i will be reading what they send me and what i can not eat hope it is not beef since we have barn full . oh well .

    forgot to say that when he left Sarnia he was going to kitchener then to Brtish Columbia there is a lot of nureses and teathers there that have fm and cfs and more funding hubby can get some of the taxes back .I well keep yous up dated how i am doing .
    as for the weather Dorothyanne we need rain but they are doing wheat right now so it can wait for a few days and i will be draging a hose around this weekend But Chatham had a storm a few day ago with hail thats only a half a hour a way may be that is why my hip is acting up well i should go now hope there is not to many spelling mistakes
    Dorothyanne and Jen have a nice weekend and pian free take care Norma

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