Cuts on the tongue, sores, and white patches anyone???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scrapnurse, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. scrapnurse

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    I am just wondering if anyone with fibro experiences these symptoms. I am frustrated with this. I get a feeling of cuts on either sides of my tongue and I had white patches along the edges of the tongue and get frequent little bubbles on the cheeks filled with fluid. It gets really sore. I don't think I have thrush. Anyone have any info on this????

    Your reponse is greatly appreciated. I guess I have to call the Dr. Sick of all the symptoms that pop up and wondering if it is all related or some new problem??? Ugghhhh tired of this fibro..

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  2. spazmonkey

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    i go through phases of this. I think it's usually when I'm going through a stressful flair. I've found that the sores heal faster when you use a toothpaste that doesnt have peppermint in it and is not harsh.

    I sometimes have to use kids toothpast, but colgate has new flavors out. The orange flavor is pretty yummy.

    Also it helps to wash your mouth out with warm saltwater.

    I just think our immune system is down and I get acid reflux, which causes the sores and stuff in my mouth. Everyone's different
  3. bakron

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    If you've been brushing your teeth more often, this can cause mouth sores. The sudsy agent in toothpaste is harsh and can irritate. I haven't been able to find any toothpaste without it. The chemical is Lauryl Sulfate, and is the same stuff you find in soaps that makes them foam. If this is the case, I've heard taking lysine seems to help.

    Could you possibly have canker sores? That's what I've had, and it sounds similar to what you have explained. Lysine has no effect on canker sores, as canker sores are viral (related to herpes). My understanding is that both emotional stress and injury to the mouth can trigger outbreaks of canker sores, but these factors probably do not cause the disorder.

    Several factors weaken the body's defenses and trigger an outbreak of canker sores (herpes). These include emotional stress, fever, illness, injury and exposure to sunlight. Many women have recurrences only during certain phases of the menstrual cycle, and sometimes there is remission during pregnancy, which may indicate that hormones have a role in triggering outbreaks. One study indicates that susceptibility to herpes recurrences is inherited (interesting since my mother also had problems with canker sores). Research is under way to discover exactly how the triggering factors interact with the immune system and the virus to prompt a recurrence of fever blisters.

    The warm salt water rinse is a good suggestion whatever the cause of your problem . .
  4. saraj63

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    The white patches if like mine are thrush, sometimes there are raw spots on the tongue and it feels like your mouth is on fire. I get the red bumps on my tongue too, looks pretty gross doesn't it. One thing to keep in mind is that if it is thrush it can be passed (thrush is simply a yeast infection) so be cautious drinking after people and kissing your loved ones. I treat mine with nystatin (doctor prescription). My husband is a pharmacist and a couple times when I didn't have any nystatin we treated it with peroxide mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with water or you can go with the over the counter ginsen violet mixed with water the same way and with either one you gurgle then spit out several times. the ginsen violet makes your tongue and teeth purple for several days but it is almost instant relief.

    I have been sick for about 8 years and just finally was diagnosed with severe allergies and fibro. Any suggestions on the best fibro treatments out there. I've been researching a lot but would love to hear what others have tried.
  5. sparklewa

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    aggrivated it so I use Biotene toothpaste and mouth rinse. I also take acyclovir and it all goes away. One other little symptom to add to the pot! good luck!
  6. granmama

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    Hi, it's granmama. I get cuts in the center of my tongue and those little bubbles on the inside of my mouth at times.
    But, mostly the cuts really look awful if you spread your tongue out. So, a long time ago a Dr. told me to use Gly-Oxide to heal them.
    It works, if you use it every day. I use it at night right before bed after brushing. It sort of numbs the tongue and will boil out the area, like peroxide.
    You can find it in the dental aid section by the toothpaste.
    I too think stress plays a part and also malnutrition.
    After the death of my grandmother, my mom would hardly eat and her tongue got red with a large split down the center.
    She too was advised to use Gly-Oxide and to start eating properly.
    But, I do have a confession. I am iron deficient (hemochromatosis) and I crunch ice and I'm sure that doesn't help the situation.
    The bubbles usually go away on their own. I get creases sometimes too, but I think I'm biting down too hard during the night. Yes...I'M A TEETH CLENCHING GRANDMA!
    Try the Gly-Oxide it may help you.
    Also, I am using a sensitive toothpaste which doesn't seem to irritate the gums or tongue.
    Good luck to you,
  7. pipper

    pipper New Member

    I get the stops and sores too. Have for about 4 years now. I rinse with peroxide/water solution when they flare up, that seems to heal them faster. I am going to try tea tree toothpaste

  8. granmama

    granmama New Member

    Yes, I believe everyone (male/female) should have their ferritin checked. Especially if you are between the ages of 40-70.
    Hemochromatosis is a genetic iron overload disorder that can be fatal. If you have the gene for it, years will pass as you accumulate the iron before it can be detected, usually in the 50th-60th decade of life. Symptoms being liver disease, diabetes, arthritis and heart problems.

    My siblings had normal ferritin levels, therefore not carrying the gene for Hemochromatosis. Mine was dx when I was 49. I had to have therapeutic phlebotomies (1unit of blood a week) till all iron was removed. I had a liver biopsy to determine liver damage. None found. I continue phlebotomies but on a maintenance level.
    Your liver stores the most iron in your body.

    Most diagnosed are of Celtic, Irish & Scottish decent.
    And strangely enough, many HH'rs have Fibromyalgia.

    So, when you go to your doc for that annual check up, have your ferritin and iron levels checked, you never know...I sure didn't! If you need iron, then get that supplement. The body needs iron to thrive. Unfortunetly, some can't live with excess iron.

    Take care all,

  9. Chermione

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    I get sores in my mouth all the time. Certain food trigger them and certain toothpaste, the kind with baking soda doesn't. The sored don't last for long, but they hurt while they're there!
  10. ProzacPuppy

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    I'd be interested if anyone has the deep fissures in the center of the tongue or the deep side fissures. I don't have white patches, I do get canker type sores frequently but usually immediately after eating something I assume I have an allergy to.

    The deep fissures in the tongue have my doctor baffled. I thought it might be iron deficiency but doc didn't think so.

  11. mamacilla

    mamacilla New Member

    i, too, experience problems w/ my tongue.....i have had the fissures in the middle and then 2 weeks ago, something
    new ---- the end of my tongue was splitting right down
    the middle. i not only took lots of lysine, i melted
    a lysine tablet right on the spot on the tongue, which
    helped, had to do it for several days. it is still sore. sometimes i get the mouth problems when i have a stomach upset, but sometimes it seems to happen with no apparent
    reason. i use tom's of maine mouthwash, it is soothing. it has no alcohol or saccharin. the toothpaste is supposed
    to be helpful, but it tasted so darn bad, i couldn't use it!

    i also sometimes have a metallic taste, like an old filling
    might be leaking, but my dentist says not.

    in addition to fibro, i have epstein barr, and salivary
    glands are involved in that, so i've always wondered if
    the other mouth problems were related. i am going to a
    different dentist in a few months, one who specializes in
    people with medical problems, so maybe he can help, at least
    maybe with some answers!
  12. scrapnurse

    scrapnurse New Member

    Thanks for all that replied to my cuts and sores on tongue. mamacilla I find it interesting that you have salivary gland problems as I do too. I also have horrific metallic taste in my mouth and I thought it was fillings too. Sometimes I think that I am losing my mind with this. It has been pretty non stop since July. Coffee is making it worse and I have poor taste buds as this point.

    I haven't told my dr. cause I think she'll think I am truly nuts but all the canker sores are annoying. I am using Biotene mouthwash and it helps and Ididn't know that they had toothpaste but I am going to go get some. Anything that helps is worth it.

    Thanks to all of you for your helpful hints
  13. redwing074

    redwing074 New Member

    Have you all been checked for Sjogren's? Dry mouth, sores on tongue/cheeks/lips are signs, along with all the fibro pains we have. If you are having dental problems along with these sores, definitely get checked for Sjogren's.
  14. paulanndecou

    paulanndecou New Member

    Yes I can relate, my doc has taken me off everything that dries me out... Now I'm just trying to tough it out with just naporson and effexor... well at least it keeps the edge off... and I do have at hand stronger things if I truly can't stand the pain... my mouth gets so dry and sore, with raw spots and patches, it's ugly and grose... we discused shogrins (sorry spelt wrong) but he wants me to wait this out with the med changes and see what happens.. I drink lots of water, chew on ice... it's the only thing that seems to help and keep me from chocking to death... Wish I had a better idea of what to do... hugs, pooh
  15. nancyjulieboy

    nancyjulieboy New Member

    Hi everyone,What we all have is called if I can spell it right Geographic tongue,I had it so bad last year I drank nothing but milk,I also noticed that certain drugs like Celebrex,Predisone,stress,and dental problems will make my break out..The split in the tongue does heal a bit..I always know when I am going to get sick as my tongue will break out with map and red sores..The Drs will only say yes it is Geographic Tongue we don't know what causes it but we know it goes away,good expalnation so I just watch and if I see that it is starting I stop what medicine I took as I have FM I have had this tongue problen for over a year,so I kinda know what sets it off..Hope this helps.

    NJB Nancy