cutting oxycontin in 1/2..why not?

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    Doctor has given me 20mg oxycontin- time released. I find that I do not need this much med to take the edge off of pain. I hate feeling loopy for such a long time. I have been cutting in 1/2 to give me 10mg dose.
    This dosage does not seem to be as effective as the 10mg oxycodone that I have had in the past.
    By cutting in 1/2 am I getting 10mg of the drug???
    I have been told that you will not get the time release effect if cut in 1/2. I really do not like the time release. I would rather have the 10mg all at once- this seems to help pain much better.
    any thoughts on this?
  2. AC77

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    You will either get an unpleasant dose of too much oxycontin (10mgs isnt to bad) all at once, or it will bypass the gut altogher or in part. It's designed to do this. This can be dangerous has too high a dose of any opiod can cause breathing problems, lots of itching and occasionally circulatory collapse! Ask your doc for the non-extended release oxycodone!
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    did you read my post recently about the breathing s&^$t. i swear after this started w/the methadone (too much too soon) funny how you check things on here and are lead to pertinent advice....thanks. a little late...LOL but thanks.

    judy, tell your doc...what works for you. maybe they make it in 10mg doses? and i increased to too much to fast....breathing probs (big) then decreased to i could breath again and went into w/drawal...aaarrgg..all is good now...good luck.

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  4. judywhit

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    I knew I could come here for the answer. My doc loves the oxycontin????? Insurance pays for the meds so the cost is not that big of a deal. I will ask for the codone next time due to cost.