***CWD Lyme and Mycoplasms, unleashed by our govt. experiments??*

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  1. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    How many of us believe these were botched or planned govt. experiments that unleashed Lyme and Mycoplasms on our unsuspecting populaces?

    You've read some alarming mycoplasm reports from reputable scientists adn researchers, from me and others. Someone mentioned the Germans dropping Lyme on the States in a war, and the States covering it every since. I've seen allusions to Plum Island and Lyme, Conneticut scandals and cover ups (would love some articles on this for inside story).

    and our North American govt;s all but act like it's rare to nonexistant. Turns out Canada seems to be worse than the States in acknowledging it, we like to view it as the US problem, that we are somehow above, even though we sit on the Great Lakes as you do, some of the highest breeders of it.

    What's going on? Canada goes bonkers over West Nile, SARS, and the occasional bat that may have treatable rabies and ignores Lyme.

  2. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    and infect their own families and themselves. Lets let conspiracy theories die, please!

  3. tansy

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    armed forces have had some very interesting stories to tell, especially on how personnel were enrolled in experiments at Porton Down and nuclear bomb tests. The usual attempts to keep it all under wraps took place but they could not silence everyone.

    It was the same lack of concern for human life that led to continuing the use of asbestos even when all the risks were known.

    I think the knee jerk reaction we often see when anything like this becomes public, or is suggested publicly, only serves to create further distrust. Far better IMO to be honest, apologise if necessary and try to find out what went wrong and why. Then offer the best available solutions or invest in finding them.

    A study was carried at a while back on medical litigation. It was discovered that if health professionals were more honest about any errors of clinical judgement, if they worked with patients and/or their families to find answers and solutions, that the levels of litigation dropped markedly.

    There are many lesson to be learned from this study, it applies to many other issues too including the allegations referred to in this topic.


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  4. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    care to tell more?

  5. Rose_Red

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    It's not a conspiracy theory after it's been documented and proven or admitted to.

    It's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the military used the soldiers as guinea pigs. It's been documented and admitted that the military has done secret testing. Just look at what they did in the NYC subways with a 'harmless' bacteria. They let it loose waited a couple weeks and blood tested everyone they could get their hands on. Almost everyone they tested was infected. At least now we know the transmission rates for bacterial disasters released in the subway system and that was only from a lightbulb full of powder.

    Oh and Jeanne - I did read that article you're talking about regarding some of the testing in Canada.

    The fact of the matter is I was given a questionable vaccine. They (the Army) refused to tell me what it was when I asked and 2 years later I was almost crippled. It was diagnosed as FMS.

    I posted a link to Nexus magazine in case anyone wanted to read the article. No one is being forced to click on the link. Dr. Nicholsons research papers deal directly with mycoplasmal infections and the results - not where they came from. There is some excellent information there.

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