Cycle of Symptoms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by goaska29, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. goaska29

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    I know some of you have mentioned having symptoms in a cycle such as, 3 months of feeling better and then crashing for a few months after. My question is, are anyone's "cycles" any shorter???

    My symtoms seem to come and go more on a bi-weekly basis. But the "wellness" portion never lasts more than 2 weeks. Anyone else share this bizarre cycle?
  2. beth0818

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    i don't seem to have q cycle. i have a flare up due to extra stress or physical activity that can last one day to a month. i never know when i am going to get sick
  3. vickiw

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    I found some good information on the site a while back. One of their goals is to help us stop the cycle of push and crash so that we at least feel some sense of control over this DD, possibly even improve.

    There is a book for sale on the site, but you can also access it to read on-line or download it (it's not a long book).

    Anyway, I started keeping the sample logs that they have on the site, then eventually customized them into one log that I keep in Excel format on my PC (I also use the chart function that Excel has to get a better visual). It took a few months, but I started seeing patterns of the things that cause me to crash. I gradually incorporated some of the advice given on the site, particularly taking what they call "pre-emptive rests" (very difficult for me, if I have ANY energy, I want to use it NOW!).

    This month, for the first time, the line on my chart is practically straight, meaning I have less ups and downs. Now, I can plan ahead better.

    This is by no means a cure, but it is a method of coping and it REALLY helps.