cyclic viral symptoms

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    Does anyone else have symptoms come come in cycles (every 4 weeks). This started when I was 22 and now I am 57. No dr could ever figure it out until I was sick all the time withh fibro and cfs but I still get viral stypw symptom every 4 weeks. for so,e reason it was gone for a few months and then last month it came back with a back and now 4 weeks later here I am again sick on a day I need to meet my daughters boyfriend's parents in town for the weekend. Why do these things hit at the worse time no matter what I do? My costo chondritis also flaired up after being gone for many months with only slight lifting.
    Son any one else have this happen? I keep a calendar.
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    My viral cycles have no particular pattern, but a friend of mine gets glandular fever (mono) every 3 months. you can set a watch to it, this has been going on for 4 years now. and it is every 3 months on the dot???