cyclic vomiting syndrome

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    About a year ago I started having trouble with my stomach, unbearable nausea, vomiting every 15 mins.for days. So much so I have to be put in the hospital regularly. My DR. thinks it is due to my fibro. My Gastroenterologist says cyclic vomiting syndrome. Anyone with fibro have CVS. DJ
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    once, about 7 or 8 years ago. i swear i vomited for 2 weeks straight, i got so dehydrated cause nobody would do anything for me, they said the couldnt find anything wrong. after a couple weeks of continuous throwing up, that stopped. but i had horrible nausea for years & i lost like 50 lbs.

    they never knew what caused it or what i did they diagnose you?
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    I just happened to have a Gastroenterologist whose son had it. It normally is in children, but adults can have it as well. My family DR. is a really great guy who is very sympathetic to my needs. He perscribed Maranol for my nausea, which can be quite severe as you know. Most of the time I feel like Im seasick.anyway Maranol is a new drug derived from WEED.If you know what I mean. Without it I would hardly be able to eat at all. I am hoping they are wrong and this will just go away. It is a horrible way to live. Take Care and God Bless --4dj--
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    Have you looked at your diet for this ? A freind of mine had a child who was doing this and after running several tests his doctors eventually decided the child was doing it on purpsose to get attention. Idiots ... Turns out the kid was intolerant of gluten and once it was out of his diet he was fine. You could be doing this from any food or chemical though.

    Most tradtional doctors don't address food intolerances and leave many of us suffering needlessly. Just google food intolerances to see what all they can do to us. They can cause pain too ...

    HTH .. Marcia

    PS. IMHO, I'd get a new gastroenterologist too. I saw one like this who didn't even check me for celiac disease when he did my endoscopy. Keep in mind that you don't have to have celiac disease to have a problem with gluten ...
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    Isnt it crazy the way we have to go through doctor after doctor. I was thinking of getting another opinion. They keep running tests and finding nothing. I just want this GONE! I have enough to deal with having FMS and disc disease. Thanks for the input! God Bless--4dj--