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  1. Charleen

    Charleen New Member

    Have hears this muscle relawer called cyclobenzapin os good for fibro has anyone tried it with any luck?
    I am also looking at if for myofacial pain.
  2. jenni4736

    jenni4736 New Member

    Is it possible you are talking about cyclobenzaprine? This is the generic for Flexaril which is a great muscle relaxer. For me it is the BEST thing to help release those MUSCLES that refuse to release.

    If in fact your spelling was correct...I am of no help ..sorry.

  3. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    Hi Charleen -

    Cyclobenzaprine is the generic name for the muscle relaxant Flexeral.

    It does help get rid of the stiffness for me. I take 10 mg at night and on the days I really need it, another 10 mg in the am.

    Anything's better than feeling like getting "thrown under the bus" or like I got tossed down a flight of stairs while I was asleep.

    Madame Curie
  4. daylilyfan

    daylilyfan New Member

    my Rheumy prescribes it like this for me

    "up to 5 tablets at bedtime"
    this is the 10 mg dose.

    Her directions to me are that I can take the 5 tablets any way I want during the day depending on how I feel. If it's a good day, I only use it at night. If it's a bad day, I will take it every 6 or 8 hours during the day. I just do not go over 5 a day.

    Usually I take 2 or 3 at bedtime. I worked up to that dose.... If I am really really hurting and cannot get to sleep, I will take 4. I never needed 5.

    Before taking this, I did not get any restorative sleep. Now, I can sleep 5-6 hours without waking up.

    I have the tightest muscles of anyone any of my docs has seen. So, when I am really feeling tight, I also am allowed to add baclofen (another muscle relaxer) twice a day.

    Flexeril is supposed to be very safe for the long haul. I have been taking it at least 5 years. It does dry me out - so I am sure to drink a lot of water.

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