cymbalta and kadian

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    I'm writing on this board because my wife cannot get out of bed.
    What she wants to know is if anyone out there is still using cymbalta and if so are you worried about the supposed
    liver Damage?
    Our Doctor is reluctant to prescribe cymbalta do to reports of liver damage.
    Yet when used with kadian it seemed to knock the edge off her pain.
    All other pain meds. have become useless.
    A prompt reply would be helpful.
    A very distressed husband of 21 years
  2. EllenComstock

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    So sorry your wife is not able to get out of bed, but she is fortunate to have you to communicate in her place. I am on both Cymbalta and Kadian. Of course I am concerned about the side effects of the medication I am on, but the Cymbalta has really helped me with my sleep. After years of not sleeping, this has been a godsend for me. So while I am concerned about the possible liver damage, I am willing to take a chance.

    I don't really think that the Cymbalta has helped with my pain, but the Kadian has helped with the sharp, shooting pains. It doesn't really help with the achy pains, unfortunately. My doctor put me on Lyrica to see if it would help with the achy pains, but it was no help so I went off of it.

    I've been on Kadian 20 mg. twice a day for 10 months, then my doctor increased it to 30 mg. twice a day recently when I began to have more of the sharp pains again. I know that in time your body builds up a tolerance to pain meds and it becomes necessary to increase the dosage. I think that all the worry about people becoming addicted to narcotics is overrated. While I really need to Kadian to function with less pain (still working part-time), I don't feel that I am addicted to it.

    I don't know if this has helped you or your wife any, but perhaps you will get more replies. Hope she is feeling better soon.