Cymbalta and Men

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    I just received a script from my Doc for Cymbalta. 60mg once a day. He said he wanted to start me at the highest dose? I have read many articles on the net that say it is for women with fibro? Any truth to that. I am a 43 yo male and have had fibro and cfids for 12 years and now ms. My depression is very mild and situational in cause. But I hear that Cymbalta is good for "women" with fibro pain. I have also read that you can't drink at all on it? It will be a tough choice between cymbalta and my beer. I've have given up a lot to this and my other diseases. I am not a big drinking but enjoy a few beers on the weekend. It of course makes me more sleepy because I am on Klonapin but I only do it at night and never ever drink and drive, not even one beer. Any thoughts on anything I have said would be appreciated - Thanks all and have a great day - Bobby
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    Hi Pitatoo,
    Cymbalta is for women not men. You can read more on the link.

    Take care,
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    There was a great post on this yesterday, actually started 2 days ago. The guys name is imfinetoo. if you do a search of his profile, or it may still be present on the back boards. I wrote what I thought and am basically to tired to write it again It starts w/ his name and the word Cymbalta. Really a good read. unless you've already read it.

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    The URL takes me to the state men of "women not men and read more" but then the link is dead. When I did search th e site it talks about fibro is very rare in men. Bunk. So if that is there reasoning that cymbalta for fibro is only for women I don't buy it. How does cymbalta know what body parts I have?

    Don't mean to sound negative against you. Just the medical establishment about FMS and men I run a support group and half my members are men and I see it more and more...- Bobby
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    about the link. I would never suggest that Fibro is exclusive to women, yikkes. Anyhow, if you put Cymbalta in the search box here you should get a pretty good idea of how the drug is working for people.

    I think the whole Cymbalta and men thing had to do with sexual side effects.



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    What are you needing the Cymbalta for, exactly? In other words, is it for your mild depression, or more for the pain? My husband, who doesn't have fibro, but had the most awful neuropathic pain, numbness, etc. in this feet, hands, etc---so bad in his feet he stopped all exercising like walking, hiking---was helped enormously by the drug Effexor. It's in the same category as Cymbalta.

    It has made a night and day difference in my husband's pain level! I would say he's almost 100% better. Walking again, even running for the first time in years. A lot of doctors do prescribe this for pain, and I'm not sure it works for every type of pain, but it certainly worked for him. He only regrets not taking it sooner.

    I did not realize Cymbalta was "gender-specific". You might want to ask about Effexor, or at least read up on it to see if it might help you. P.S. My hubby has an occasional beer, and it doesn't seem to be a problem.

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    Cymbalta according to www search informs that it is often used to treat neuropathy in diabetics. If the pain is of that nature (neuropathy) it should deal with that pain, regardless of sex.

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    As I have FMS, CFIDS and MS I have many pains, oh and also Osteoarthritis and advanced Osteoporosis. So I basically hurt every where. He thought if I would reduce some of my pain I could reduce the amount of Ultram I am taking, which is 2 50mg tabs 3 x a day I used to be on 8 tabs a day now 6. My depression is very mild and mostly situational, I guess what I mean is because of being and pain and losing sleep I get a little down. I am now back on remeron and it is helping me sleep much better and on ZMA which helps, crazy dreams with remeron though. But my Doc thinks that Cymbalta will help with the pain and maybe I can cut back on the ultram which can be bad for your liver. Which I hear that cymbalta is worse. And he said don't ever plan on having a few drinks on cymbalta. Like I said earlier I am not going to give up my beer. I probably have a six pack on the weekends which is not a big deal espeically for someone 6' 3" and 240 lbs. But I like my beer and have given up so much. Yes I also read about the sexual side effects of cymbalta, not good, I have been on just about every other anti-depressant and all side effects possible I get(well maybe not all but many). This can be very frustrating for men and as well for women. I am only 43 and sex is still a big part of my life and I hope it to be when I am 83 or older. That's a whole other subject. Anyways thanks for your concerns - I will do more research before I fill my script. I have also read that it comes with a high risk of suicide. I don't understand that. There was one young woman who was on it for bladder incontenence(sp) 19 yo's old, no depression and hung herself, there are many others. So that kinda bothers me even though I dont' think it would have that impact on me. I was on one drug I won't name it and I had weird thoughts, kinda on the dark side, it also cause parkinson's like twitches in my legs and they had to put me on cogentin to reverse the side effects. That was scarry. I took another and was in a coma for 2 days. So am very weary on taking any other drugs that work with seratonin, noepeneferine(sp) and or dopamine. I think a lot of more studies have to be done. I can control my pain pretty well on ultram and klonapin, I work out when I can and have a deep tissue massage once a week and chiro twice. So I am not in super pain. In fact I am 90% better pain wise than I was 5 years ago. But also the doc said I would help with my concentration and energy. I am a programmer by trade and also a writer so I really do need to concentrate. I will shut up now. Thanks all - Rambling Bobby -
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    that there ARE other ways to treat/ deal with our symptoms than SSRI's. I continue to refuse those kinds of meds. I, if anyone "should" be a candidate since I have complex PTSD. I treat it with "other methods" like counseling- works wonders, and there are no side effects! LOL!

    There are numerous ways to deal with pain, sleep problems, and whatever is the situation for you. You have tried so many different SSRI's without the desired result- I see no reason why you couldn't say "no" and try a new avenue.

    Good luck!

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