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    I tried this drug and in the first month or two I did pretty good,even lost weight because I didnt have an appetite while taking it. I do remember waking every morning feeling real shakey and as soon as I took the cymbalta it stopped. I had some nausea also. I beigin to feel really good and after three months it caused my liver enzymes to go sky high so the dr told me to stop immediately which i did and almost ended up going nuts with the horrible withdrawals. i called er and the dr on call said to restart the cymbalta right away or I could have seizures.I did take one but it took a good five hours to feel any relief and i felt like I was giving myself another dose of poison. I was feeling very weird sensations in my head squishy sounds and popping sounds along with shaking, sweating just alot of horrible stuff, rolled up in fetal position just wanting the head sounds to stop.This of course happened on a weekend so no taklking with my regular dr. But I gave her hell when I did see her again. long story short I had to very slowly over three months to completely get it out of my system. i called it the drug from hell and I wouldnt take it again for anything. Buts thats just me I have two cousins on (they dont have fibr tho) and they do wonderful. So it must be the way im wired . God bless whatever you do.
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