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    Please someone...anyone...tell me if anyone has tried cymbalta? My doctor says it will also help with pain. There is NOT a antidepressent YET that I have been able to stay on for longer than 2 weeks. I am SO sensitive to drugs my doctor doesn't really know what to do with me anymore. I have so many things...I have either reactions that I can't tolerate to stay on or else I am scared to try now because of all the things I am afraid of. I think my doctor is not as tolerant of me as he used to be...he just doesn't understand the anxiety I have now with trying drugs. But I need help!!! I can't sleep!!! I don't believe I ever get any stage 3 or 4 sleep. He wants me to do a sleep study but I haven't yet because I am sure they will want me to wear a CPAP....everyone I know who does a sleep study has one....and knowing me..unless I can take something to knock me out I won't be able to wear it. PLUS...if I can't sleep in the comfort of home in my big ole new will I sleep hooked up to all that and knowing someone is probably watching me? My husband has a CPAP and he won't wear it. It cause him sinus problems and coughing. I have nose bleeds very easily and have to continuosly use a mosturinzing nose spray at night now. Even the air unit on or a fan makes me dry. And when I have nose bleeds...they sometimes take me to the ER. They just are difficult to stop. did I get off on the sleep study. I was asking about cymbalta. I haven't tried it yet...afraid to I guess. Someone told me it gave them horrific headaches and my migraines are bad enough. Input on good pain meds would be helpful too. I guess I am asking....for those of us who are so sensitive to so many do we muster up the nerve when so even try YET another drug? Replys please...I am desperate for sleep and something for depression. I believe if I could sleep the depression would go away. Major fatigue!!! No one understands why I am so cranky and tired. They just don't get this awful syndrome. Btw...I have fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, hypothyroidism, bulging discs in neck and low back (my back is a mess), migraines, foot and ankle pain and now starting in my fingers... and down right a wreck!!! Help with replies PLEASE!

    Would love email feedback or someone with similiar who wouldn't mind corresponding with someone else who has complaints!!!

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    Bumping up...someome..PLEASE respond. Thanks.

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    I'm sorry I can't give you any info about Cymbalta, as I haven't tried it, but I can definitely give you some empathy about your anxiety about trying new medicines. I had a horrible reaction to a medicine last Spring, and I am just now recovering from it. I knew I needed to make some changes in my meds because I was not doing well with depression and anxiety, but I was so scared to try anything new.

    I finally found a wonderful, understanding doctor who listened to everything I had been through and really seemed to care. She started me on Paxil CR, the lowest dose 12.5mg. I was TERRIFIED to take it. The first week or so was ROUGH. My anxiety got worse, and my blood pressure shot up for a few days. I almost gave up on it. But I hung in there, and by the second week, I actually started to get some relief!! I am so thankful I stuck it out!

    If you start a new antidepressant (Cymbalta or anything else), be sure that your doctor starts you at the lowest available dose. Many doctors want to make drastic, quick changes, and us FMers don't generally tolerate that.

    Have you tried sleep meds rather than antidepressants for sleep? My antidepressant doesn't help with my sleep. I take Ambien and a small dose of klonopin at night.

    Good luck to you! I certainly understand.
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    I am currently using the Cymbalta and I might be able to give you some words of comfort here. I have Fibro, Lupus, RA, and a whole bag of goodies.

    I have had allergies to meds and all kinds of things the last two years. Cymbalta has NOT been one of them. For me, it has been a great help. I have anxiety about meds...and A LOT of other things as well, but the Cymbalta has helped me there too.

    My pain level I would say was an 8 before the Cymbalta, now it's a 5. It isn't a cure all...but my mind set is better. I handle things better. The anxiety level is better...and over all, it has helped tremendously.

    You may need a sleep study, but mostly you need sleep. You have to get that under control. Not only is your body not sleeping, but it can't heal and anxiety issues and coping skills are diminished greatly with sleep deprevation! The sleep issues will aggrevate all of the others and make them worse.

    I have had Fm for 12 plus years and keeping the sleep issues under control makes a WORLD of difference. I have always HATED taking meds and attempted to avoid them until a year or so ago. Frankly, I still hate taking meds...but my quality of life has improved greatly since I started taking them.

    I wish you luck and a pain free day.

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    difference for me. I was also put on Wellbutrin. And now, Cymbalta has been increased for my depression and is helping there as well. My md also recently ordered a low dose of Seroquel d/t Lunesta no longer working for my sleep needs. Take care. Rhonda
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    to cymbalta for the nerve pain I have.I've only been on it a week but I think that it's working.Linda
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    Hi Dar,

    Sorry you are having such a struggle. I avoided meds for a long time for sleep and pain until my first bout of shingles in May. The pain was so severe I tossed and turned all night for weeks keeping my husband awake too. My doctor asked if I still had the Trazadone he'd prescribed 6 months prior. I did and started to take it and I was finally able to get some sleep.

    Recently with the added stress of taking one college class (physics), some family stress, having another fall, and getting shingles again I reached my breaking point after 2 years of constant health problems and was in tears several times a day. My doctor prescribed Cymbalta and I was hesitant to start it.

    Took me about 2 weeks to decide because I also had to research the possible liver interactions because my liver enzymes have been elevated from other meds.

    I've been on Cymbalta now for a week. The first night it seemed to interact with some of my other meds and when I got up to go to the bathroom during the night I was extremely dizzy. Throughout the week the dizziness began to lessen although it's not gone.It may have to do with tapering off the Trazadone while starting the Cymbalta at the same time. I've had migraine sx too and got slammed with a bad migraine today, but weather changes contributed to that. Yesterday I finally had some relief from pain, but the burning pain came back today. Hopefully soon I'll have more than one day where the pain lets up.

    Good luck. You won't know how you do unless you try it. Remember everyone is different so your response will be different than anyone else. Give it time for side effects to wear off. Getting to a point where you get a goods night sleep is worth it. I've slept so good since being on the Trazadone.

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    I have RA and FM and was prescribed Cymbalta for additional pain that Lyrica wasn't helping. I took it for three weeks and it miraculously improved my mood and it helped with the fatigue. People noticed that I was happier and more social.

    The only reason I stopped taking it was because of sexual side effects. Apparently one of the rarer side effects is the inability to reach orgasm. Well that is one side effect I just can't live with.

    I would say try it. I've taken Prozac and Effexor before and Cymbalta was by far the best for depression. I don't know how it effects sleep because Lyrica seems to help me the most for that.

    You do seem at the end of your rope about sleep. It may be worth the discomfort to do the sleep study to convince your doctor that you aren't sleeping. Then you can move on and decide what would help you.

    It sounds like you're so anxious about sleep that maybe an anti anxiety med might help. There are lots of sleep meds to try. I think the root of it all is pain and there are ways to medicate that but docs don't want to go there.

    So they end up running around the problem. You sound like you're just a raw bundle of pain and fear. Drugs that you have tried in the past have caused you more pain than gain.

    This is exactly what you need to tell your doctor. Explain how every drug you try causes even more problems. If he or she is a good doctor, he will assure you that you can call with your concerns and get help for them.

    Try talking to your doc. Doctors are there to prescribe meds. That is what they do. Take the Cymbalta and call them with any concerns you have. This way, you can be sure your doc knows how you react every step of the way and can get a better idea of how to treat you.

    If your doc won't do this then you need to get a new doctor. You have a lot of complicated stuff going on and you need someone who can handle it.

    You have to remember that no one is going to take care of you better than yourself. I had to learn to speak up when I needed to and also how to talk with doctors in a way where I was listened to and not treated as a hysterical female.

    It is going to get better for you. Use your doctor and call and talk to a nurse about any side effects you have right away. I've found that the nurses know more than the docs most of the time.

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    i am on it and its been like 2 years now
    but not for pain.
    in fact i havent noticed anything about it that does something for my pain.
    this is the first i have heard of it doing that...i wish it did work..
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    I have also tried almost all antidepressents. I did try to take the cymbatla and it made my head hurt just like all the other antidepressents do. I have not found one antidepressent that didn't make my head hurt. I'm sorry you are having such a bad time with your meds. Hang in there and know you are not alone. Becca
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    None of the SSRI's in the past 10 years have worked for me. So Dr. suggested I try Cymb. I took l/8 of a pill (pediatric dose), and within less than l/2 hours started with heart palpitations, pulse & temp went up, then to my stomach (bad), and fatigued big time.

    Didn't need to try another l/8th.

    Done with those drugs..........just too much for me.

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    I 've taken cymbalta for a few months,i was on wellbutrin,i take it for my fibro pain,itake lyrica for pain,evail for sleep
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    Hi there, Dar,
    I, too have FMS, myofascial pain, CFS, a messy back and neck, and migraines. I've been taking Cymbalta for about 3 months and find it helps some with pain and mood. I can't take SSI's or SSRI's like Wellbutrin, but have barely tolerated the tricyclic ADs like amitriptyline in the past. I take 60mg of Cymbalta in the morning because one side effect is sleep disturbances. For sleep, I take 100mg of Trazodone, and 5 or 10 mg of Flexeril. I agree with the crowd that getting restful sleep should be your number one priority. Maybe a week with something potent, like Valium, to help with anxiety and allow you to rest better would take the edge off and allow you to tackle a longer term solution. Since Valium is highly addictive, you wouldn't want to use it for anything other than the short term.

    Anxiety when seeing a new doctor or starting a new med sure is a common theme here. I think it's normal to be nervous about the unknown effects. I also think it's important to give a new drug time at each dosage level - a week anyway - so that your body can adjust to it. It really sucks to stick it out for a week with no benefit, but occasionally it pays off with something that helps YOU. With Cymbalta I had pretty bad nausea the first 4 or 5 days, but it rarely bothers me now.

    One thing about Cymbalta is that some migraine meds block its action (I take Maxalt and the pharmacist alerted me to it). It's not a problem if you only take the migraine stuff 3 or 4 times a month, but you may want to have your doctor confirm any potential interactions before you start on it.

    And don't forget that if you start on it, you'll need to taper off of it when it's time to discontinue. I think all the ADs will cause some sort of withdrawal and it can be pretty miserable if not mananged properly.

    Good luck!
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