Cymbalta, does it keep anyone awake at night?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by IowaMorningGlory, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    I started Cymbalta today at 60mg dose per day. I took it about 7pm. I went to be about 9pm.

    I have been up just about every hour on the hour! Not normal for me.

    Just wondering if anyone has had this problem or is it just coincidence for the night?

    Thank you,
    Blessed Be,
  2. yjswan

    yjswan New Member

    Good morning, Laurie,
    Sounds like you had a rough night. I have been on Cymbalta now for about 3 months and also take it at bedtime, but it helps me to sleep if anything. Sounds like you might want to try taking it in the morning instead if this continues. I'd give it a couple of more nights to see if that's what it is or like you say, just coincidence.

    My sleep is really messed up with this fibro and all the meds I'm on. One night I'll sleep fine, then another I'll toss and turn in pain and get maybe 4 or 5 hours like last night. Then, after a day or two, I'll succumb to a nap (which I try hard not to do) and sleep for 3-4 hours (what my hubby refers to as a "power nap". I'm on a full dose of Lyrica, which is supposed to improve my sleep LOL. Instead, I feel kind of dopey and sleepy much of the time. I've only been on it for about a month, so I haven't seen any results yet in terms of a decrease in pain.

    Well, God bless, and here's to a good night's slumber for both us tonight.
    Sleepy regards,
  3. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    I too am on Lyrica and it has helped me sleep so far. I am thinking that maybe the titered up dose might be too high though. Seem to have trouble with my eyesight, I didn't have before. (About a week, but just dawned on me the correlation to when my Lyrica was increased.

    I also take Ultram. The combination seems to work great.

    Oh! and I definitely know about those powernaps. Did you ever notice those are the days, it seems like anyway, that the doorbell rings! Or for me, the kids call from school for something!

    I hope the lack of sleep is not from the Cymbalta because I think it is working wonders for the pain in my tender points. Just at even one, my knees and shoulder blades had been killing me for about two days. Right now I am awake but the pain is gone!

    I guess I will have to give it a few more nights to see. And definitely then I will have to take in am, so it keeps me awake then. Would be much better.

    Thank you for the input and take care,
    Blessed Be & Kitten Hugs,
  4. yjswan

    yjswan New Member

    Good to hear someone else has power naps...and yes, either the phone or the doorbell rings, but I am so out of it, I think I'm dreaming! LOL

    Let me know how things work out for you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. rockymtnmom

    rockymtnmom New Member

    Dear Laurie,
    I have been on 60 mg Cymbalta two times per day for about 1 year.

    At one time, I had concerns that it was interfering with my sleep.

    I started taking my second dose when I got up from my daily scheduled nap, about 2 pm instead of bedtime.

    A lot of the time now, I forget to take it in the afternoon, and take it at bedtime again.

    If I were experiencing effects from Cymbalta before, I must not be anymore, because I do not think it is impacting whether I can sleep or not.

    Perhaps you are sensitive to this drug now and it will wear off in time? In the meantime, on a day you can experiment, try taking it earlier and see what happens. I know that is difficult with kids if it does make you drowsy in the day, but not sleeping is worse in my opinion!

    Good luck. I always imagine a kitten in your lap when I think of you!

  6. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    I think you and others are right. I am going to try it in the morning. Just from what I can tell, it seems to have made a difference already. I will give it time to see.

    I am glad I make you think of kittens. I think of kitten and I think of soft, warm and fluffy. And you are right usually there is one trying to help me type and one on my lap when I am at the computer. They are never far away.

    You take care and kitten hugs,
    Blessed Be,
  7. natesmommie1

    natesmommie1 New Member

    I would take it in the morning,thats what i take mine,
    my med at night are 2hrs before bed i take 1-3 flexril,bedtime i take evail 100mgs,and 75mg of lyrica
    i sleep all night long
  8. rockymtnmom

    rockymtnmom New Member

    Did you try the CYmbalta at an earlier time? Has it helped you any? Hope you've been able to get some better sleep.

    Today I was having a bad reaction to a high dose of prednisone (guess I should know better..) my heart rate was high and it was scaring me and my cat -who always seems to sense when I am really in need - came and snuggled himself tightly against my chest as I lay in bed. They are such intuitive creatures!

    Anyway, hope you can keep with the Cymbalta, because it really did lower my pain levels over time (total of 3 mos) and I hope it does the same for you.

  9. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    Actually I am on 60mg once a day. He said to take at night. Okay the first night it keep me up, I just could not stay awake. So the next day I decide I will take it in the morning..and it got rid of my lower back pain! Wow! I stayed awake all day so I would sleep that night. (Now Larryh thinks I never sleep) :)

    Anyway, I could tell last night when it was wearing off. I had told the doctor (friend of mine) that its half life was only 12hrs. He says,"oh try it this way first." Okay, I did...for a day! I took one last night and slept great. Took one this morning and back pain still gone, until my 2hr driving trip to take kids to eye doctor.

    I took one about 1/2 hr ago. Back pain gone.

    I am going to talk with my GP tomorrow and get the script changed.

    I still know my FM is there but so far out of the Lyrica, Ultram, Mirapex or Cymbalta...I would definitely keep my Cymbalta. The others help I definitely know that, but Cymbalta has helped the most.

    Again, thanks for checking in on me.
    Take care and Kitten Hugs, (because I know you like them :)
    Blessed Be,
  10. wanderingbluedragon

    wanderingbluedragon New Member

    I do have trouble sleeping on cymbalta. I woke up this morning at 4 am and could not go back to sleep. I couldn't sleep the night before. It does not always happen, but enough that it is a problem.

  11. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member


    I appreciate you letting me know that. I was wondering since I have had it two nights and one night I didn't sleep and the other I did if it was only occasional. Since it cuts the pain I can live with not always sleeping. I seem to have a little more energy until about noon, then it seems the cognitive declines.


    I am so sorry none of them worked for you. Someday hopefully one will work. I am lucky the Cymbalta is working, I definitely know that. I had even wanted to start on a smaller dose, now I am glad I didn't. I am not out of the woods yet by any means. Side effects don't always show themselves right away.

    Thank you both for educating me even more. I appreciate all the help I can get from others on the board.

    Take care and Kitten Hugs,
    Blessed Be,
  12. margo60

    margo60 New Member

    Hello Laurie,

    I am new to the board and have been reading dozens of posts in the past two days. It is great to read how everyone else is dealing with FM and all the symptoms that comes along with it.

    I started on Cymbalta this year in March, for 3wks on 30mg and then went to 60mg. The bad side effects lasted for 5 days (dizziness, bad headache, diarrhea, and very upset stomach) Then as if someone lifted a magic wand, it was all gone.
    By the end of the second week I felt like I was in seventh heaven. I had no pain, got my energy back and was happy as a lark. When you are living with pain for so long(6 years for me) you forget what it feels like to be without it and just try to survive one day at a time.

    I was scared to go on to the 60mg, but my body did not even notice it. Now the only side effect I have is constipation and I am trying everything I know to manage it.
    I am taking Cymbalta at night and gives me a good night sleep ... by now only sort of :(

    Everything was wonderful until the middle of July when I slowly started to feel the FM pain again. I have to say my heart just sank and was hoping that I was wrong.
    Well, I was not and by now all the symptoms of FM are back.

    When I saw my DR last month he suggested to take a higher dose because my body got used to it and it's not as affective anymore. For now I told him let's just see what happens, I really did not want to take a higher dose.

    So now as I am back to square one again I spent the last week searching the Internet for new information on new studies and medication.

    I am at a little bit of a loss right now of what to do next .. but I am pretty much of a fighter and will keep on searching. Unfortunately so far I found out over the years that we are pretty much left to our own devices when it comes to FM, as every time I ended up having more knowledge of the condition than my Doctors.

    Before Cymbalta the only thing would cut the edge of the pain was Vicodin. Knowing how addictive it can be I was very careful never to take more than 1 a day divided into 1/4 pieces. And some days I did not take any if I could manage without it.

    If anyone on this board is taking a higher dose of Cymbalta I would really appreciate if you shared your experience.

    Laurie...I hope you will do great on Cymbalta ... as every-one's body and chemistry is different we all react differently.

    Two years ago an other DR gave me a week's sample of 30mg
    Cymbalta and it had the same affect on me when I took it at night. I was up just as you every hour on the hour and by the 5th day I was so worn out that I could not go to work.
    But strangely I had no other side effects. At that time I could not stick with it because of my work.

    This time I am taking it at night as well and makes me sleepy. Go figure .. even our own bodies react differently at different times.

    Sorry for the long post,
    Wish you well,
    God Bless,

  13. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Margo, I was so happy to find your post. Our stories are so similar, I wondered if anyone else had experienced the same thing as me. I have had Fibro since 1992. Weaned off of Effexor XR (150mg daily) and was so excited to try Cymbalta. I started on 20mg at night on 6/1/06. By the end of the first week I felt sooo much better. I had been taking up to 6 Vicodin per day for pain and was able to get off of it completely by my second week on Cymbalta !!!

    I had the best summer of my life this year. I went roller skating for the first time in 25 years, I went bike riding, I even did some kayaking! I was able to wean off of my sleep meds (Elavil, Klonopin & Sinemet). I was able to exercise again and lost 25lbs. For the first time in 14 years I began to allow myself to think that maybe I had a future. I decided to go back to college next semester.

    Then things changed.......I had to go back on sleep meds in early September and by the end of Sept. was back on the Vicodin. I decided to increase my Cymbalta dosage to 40mgs, did that for 4 weeks with no change.

    I feel like such a fool, I had actually convinced myself that I was "cured". Sometimes I wonder if it might not have been better for me if I hadn't had such a great summer but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It WAS awesome.

    I'm now back to the 20mg at bedtime dose and have decided to try to wean off of it completely for a few weeks, and then restart it again in the hopes that it will work again.

    I will let you know how it goes. Will you please keep me posted about your experience too? If you wouldn't mind doing so it would be great if you would put my name in the title so it would be easy for me to find.

    I wish you all the luck in the world and hope we all find something that works for us.


  14. margo60

    margo60 New Member

    Sorry I did not reply to you earlier, but you know how time can pass when we have to deal with one thing or an other.
    Oh yes! I sure did enjoy the wonderful days of no pain for several months on Cymbalta ... it was so good to feel alive again :) I'm so glad you got a chance of living as well and enjoying every minute of it :)
    Unfortunately by the beg. of December I was in a major flair of FM, and the 60mg of Cymbalta just did not make any difference anymore.
    I gave a lot of thought to my Dr's suggestion to raise my dose from 60 to 90 when it stopped working, but I have decided against it. My thinking was eventually my body will get used to that dosage as well and if I had to, it would be harder for me come off of it.
    After the holidays were over I started to research everything I could about some supplements that might help me out. I am by no means a "health food nut" as they say, but I have always tried to eat on the healthy side.
    Since we hear more and more about how our food does not contain all the good nutrients anymore that our body needs, I decided to add some supplements that I thought might help. If you or anyone is interested I will be happy to share my choices.
    Anyway, around the second week in January I have noticed that I did not reach for my usual Vicodin first thing in the morning and sometimes not until the early afternoon. It really surprised me and I was not sure what was going on, but I sure liked it. By the end of January my FM flair was down to where I could hardly notice it.
    Only two things could have happened I think ... either this was a "short" flair (about 4-5 months) or one or more of the ingredients in my supplements were helping me.
    I have already decided to come off of Cymbalta when I realized it was not helping me anymore, so mid. January I went down to 30mg from 60mg with no side effects at all.
    My major hair loss was an other reason why I went this
    Gradually lowered my dose to 15mg (by opening the caps and discarding some of the little balls) Finally I stopped taking it all together. This is my 4th day without any Cymbalta. Whew !!!! now this is not very pleasant to say the least !!!
    Starting the 1st day and still going on the same, I feel like someone took me up to a 50 story building, put me in the elevator and cut the cords ... EVERY TIME I move my head or change body position. Of course this makes my stomach upset and can't eat very much or even smell food.
    Dizziness, brain zap and bad-bad mood :)
    Can't drive or do anything but sit or lay down and move as little as possible. My poor husband just came out of a week long kidney stone attack ... so we make a wonderful pair !!!
    But, like anything this also will pass, and the sooner the better!!!
    Will keep you posted ... and let us know how you are doing.

    Take good care :)
  15. froggyfog

    froggyfog New Member

    I take Cymbalta in the morning and have not had any problems. It actually gave me alittle more energy when I first started taking I can't tell a difference.

    My doctor told me to talk it in the morning.....but I couldn't find any recomendation from the Cymbalta web site.
  16. jessica0123

    jessica0123 New Member

    Hi MArgo,
    I have been taking 120mg at bedtime for months now and 90%of my joint pain has gone away. I thought I might not need it a month ago so I went off it and in 2 days I had to go right back on it. Cymbalta has been a miracle for me. No side effects! Not here.


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