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    I feel like a niggling pest with all these questions about these antidepressants but here's one more.

    Effexor and Cymbalta work on serotonin and norepenephrine, I understand. However it is my understanding that they only effect norephenephrine once a fairly high dose is reached and up to that point they are doing the same as Prozac would.

    Can anyone (everyone!) comment on this? And have you read at what dose the effects on the norephephrine kick in?

    Thank you!
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    Cymbalta 60mg daily is NOT working, the stress level (more volcanic-quick to anger & rage) is not managed anywhere near what Prozac was doing. Friend of mine tried Effexor & he was in a rage so much of the time, like a time bomb, I wouldn't try it even if the dr recommended it. Prozac worked for many years, going back to what worked better than anything else that has been tried.

    Good Luck & Keep Your Chin Up. I was diagnosed 12 years ago after a car accident & a year of treatment that wasn't getting any better, just worse. Phytoprolief made by Arbonne does wonders with effects of Fibro, from 1st hand experience.

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