Cymbalta for FMS, but what for sleep?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PatsyK, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. PatsyK

    PatsyK New Member

    I have been told to take Cymbalta after 27 years of Elavil and Trazodone. Can anyone tell me what do I take for sleep as I cannot sleep without a small dose of both. the Dr. will only give me 2 flexeril and ambien doesn't seem to work unless it is combined with something else. I hope the Cymbalta will help with the pain and burning.
  2. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    want to know about the cymbalta. My dr started me on 60mg a couple of weeks ago and it made me sick!! Threw it up and more. Then he gave me 30mg and I was nausaus the five days I took it. Had to stop.He doesnt know yet.

    Is it helping with your pain? I couldnt tell it did anything but make me feel sick. I quit taking it on Tues and Im still feeling some sick. Especially when I first wake up. Did it cause restless leg syndrome?

    I take nortryptaline at night to help with sleep. My muscle relaxers work as well. But with the Fibro, some nights are easier than others.

  3. jmq

    jmq New Member

    Yes, I take Cymbalta for the depression..and just felt very sleepy and dizzy when I started it...but now its fine. I take 90 mg a day. I am on the same as you for sleep...the ambien cr ...some nights I get in 6 hours, other nights 3 hours of sleep...wish I could find another answer to a good nights sleep too. Trazodone use to stuff up my nose so bad that I could not breath and that kept me awake!

    Good Luck,
  4. fisher1949

    fisher1949 New Member

    I was on cymbalta and it made me dizzy and nauseated at first then I developed a really bad cough, thought I was going to choke--looked on internet and that was one of the side effects, bronchial spasms, and sinus problems.
    To stop the cymbalta you have to wean yourself off otherwise you get sick, I know I tried it. I had to open the capsules and dump some out, more every day for about 10 days.
    Am now taking valium and percoset, and lidocaine patches. They make me sleepy but don't really take away the pain.
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  5. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I was on Trazadone for 10 years for panic attacks that I had while I slept. I was weaned off just this last summer. I haven't slept very well since then until recentely. I have been on Cymbalta with no problems. I started off by taking it at night because it made me tired and then after a month, the opposite happened and it gave me alot of energy. Then I started taking it in the morning. I have been given alot of pain meds for the burning, twitching, spasms, rls and have found that muscle relaxers have helped me more then anything. Helps my pain and helps me sleep. I can even tolerate them in the day now if needed. Cymbalta was recentely accepted by the fda as the first medicine approved for fibro pain. Maybe you still need the Trazodone for sleeping. As I tell everyone, call your dr. Hope this helps.
  6. VeniceQueen

    VeniceQueen New Member

    I take klonopin for sleep, it helps me with fibro & rls. It can be addictive so I dont take it every night, but I will say some weeks I need one every night. I try to be random with it so my body dosent expect it. I had been on trazodone but it made me twitchy. I know these to meds cant be taken together. I take .5mg, and on some nights 1mg. It does not make me groggy, .5 helps me get about 6-7 hrs of sleep. It has really helped me. I also take provigil.

  7. gbuett

    gbuett New Member

    I had terrible nerve pain in my legs and feet. The Cymbalta has helped that a bunch!!! I still have a buzzing in the bottom of my feet but they do not hurt nearly as bad. At night I take 2 Flexeril and a Vicodin and that has really helped me sleep. I don't know how long this will help but so far so good.

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