Cymbalta, how long will consipation last?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sonny1, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Sonny1

    Sonny1 New Member

    for those that know?
  2. CKater

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    I'd ask your doc for a prescription doesn't go away in my experience. Sorry, wish I had something more positive to post, but this is my experience with Cymbalta. I'll continue to take it because it helps my pain so much. Good luck.
  3. frosty77

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    I've had IBS and have had (not to be gross) watery stool 6-7 times each day - for about 35 years. When I first started taking Cymbalta and became constipated, I was in heaven! No longer did I have to very carefully plan all meals - I could go out to eat, go to cookouts, go on trips, malls, visit friends, planes, amusement was good!

    Then, of course, I got over that and the constipation began to bother me (plus I have to wonder what effect it has on my system - from going 6-7 times each day to once a week). My gastro doctor recommended I take 2 fiber pills in the morning and 2 at night - great stuff! Now I'm once a day (sometimes more).
  4. Michelle_NZ

    Michelle_NZ New Member

    Take a herbal prep that contains CASCARA... you will go 6 - 8 hours after taking it without fail.
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  5. kitteejo

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    I just started Cymbalta about 10 days ago so this was good to know.

    I used to take two Fiber Choice every night they work great and it's kinda like having a snack when you need one right about 9 O'Clock.

    Haven't had constipation yet but I'll know where it came from when and if I get it.


  6. Funny how all meds work different for each person. I took ONE cymbalta yesterday and OMG that is the last time. I have such stomach pain, nausea and SEVERE diarreah . I was so tired from 930am when I took it and it kept me awake ALL day and ALL night. I know the dr. will say keep trying it ...NO WAY. $45 down the drain. Pills work the opposite for me.

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