cymbalta is working

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  1. prin-cha-pay-cha

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    I just started on 30mg of cymbalta for 7 days and have just moved up to 60mg on day 8. I have been in such pain with knots all over my back and terrible constant spasms for years, and tried everything you can possibley think of. I am stunned that the the cymbalta is working very fast. I woke up on my back last night and was not in pain. I have not slept on my back in years. I have no side effects from it thus far.I also took part in a commercial for the first FM specific drug called Lyrica.
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    Was just wondering how Lyrica worked for you in comparison to Cymbalta? My wife(mebonlybecky) has been Diagnosed with FM, and it seems like there are some days that the Cymbalta is not really working for her.

  3. prin-cha-pay-cha

    prin-cha-pay-cha New Member

    I have not used Lyrica yet, I dont think its on the market yet.Cymbalta is working for me. Could you tell me
    1. how long she has been on it?
    2. What dosage, 30mg, or 60 mg?