cymbalta/lyrica protocol?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Andrea4, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Andrea4

    Andrea4 New Member

    my fibro doc told me that a new study just came out recently that showed a greater control of fibro pain using a combination of cymbalta and lyrica.

    anyone here using these 2 together?
  2. kgangel

    kgangel New Member

    My new doctor is suppose to start me on Lyrica , I have not started it yet though. HE told me he is going to do this in combination with another drug, but it was not cymbalta, though I have heard good things about both drugs.

    I wish you the best

  3. jetlag

    jetlag New Member

    I have been on lyrica for 6 months and it has helped me
    tremendously. I have just started on cymbalta and hope for
    furthur improvement
  4. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    I'm on both Cymbalta and Lyrica. It has helped with my achy pain except in my shoulder and neck area.

  5. SherrieTeacup

    SherrieTeacup New Member

    Have you gained weight with the Cymbalta?
  6. badangel3

    badangel3 New Member

    and couldn't stand it. The Cymbalta has always helped along with Ultram for the pain. But I was suffering a serious bout with depression over the last 2 months due to a series of things in my life.

    My doctor wanted me to try Lyrica to see if it would boost Cymbalta to help with the depression and still manage the pain. Well, I had serious problems when I started the Lyrica.

    I gained 10 lbs in water weight in 5 days. My pain threshold shot thru the roof and I could barely walk. I was so swollen I couldn't wear shoes and I was have problems thinking and working with numbers. It was beyond scary and I stopped it cold turkey the 6th day when my blood pressure shot sky high.

    I feel much better now and I think I'll just ask my doctor this week to increase the Cymbalta from 60mg to 90 instead of adding another medication. He wants to try Wellbutrin, but I don't want to keep playing lab rat. Jackie