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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DVoit, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. DVoit

    DVoit New Member

    I know there is info in the files for cymbalta but I would like some fresh views. I am still depressed and in pain. I went to my internist today and she gave me cymbalta samples. I switched from zoloft to effexor xr. Effexor tends to raise my blood pressure. So, she suggested. I was on wellbutrin for a few weeks, if that, and it made me crazy. Litterly. I got hysterical and went nuts crying and screaming. It was over the next day after I stopped. I thought cymbalta is like wellbutrin. Any comments or thoughts?

  2. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I switched from Effexor to Cymbalta with no problems. These things affect people so differently all you can do is try it. The whole process seems to be trail and error! Good Luck Lynn
  3. imabluedog

    imabluedog New Member

    I have tried over 10 antidepressants and finally found I could take Wellbutrin. Last January, my doctor added Cymbalta and I could tell within 5 days that it made a difference. It helps me more than anything! Suppossed to be like Prozac, but a whole lot better. Good luck!
  4. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Hi DVoit, I'm taking 120mg of Cymbalta and 300mg of Wellbutrin daily. I honestly don't know how they help with pain, since the severe pain has only been here since June and I've been struggling with depression for 15 years. This combination works good for my depression.

    Cymbalta works the same as Effexor, that is, on both seratonin and norepinephrine. If Effexor worked, except for the blood pressure, then maybe Cymbalta will too.

    Good luck with the meds!


  5. kcinsc

    kcinsc New Member

    I first tried effexor and all I could do was sleep all day. I am now taking Cymbalta 60mg/day, but I still feel tired and sleepy all (most) of the time. I also take Klonopin for RLS and it really does help, but i always wake up with a "hangover" or groggy. I'm getting really disappointed because I still don't feel that I'm getting the proper meds to keep me going. I hope it works for you, and it does work better for me than the effexor. Best of luck to you!
  6. DVoit

    DVoit New Member

    I guess I will try it. I always fear a bad reaction. Your answers help.
  7. Sonoradora

    Sonoradora New Member

    how the same meds affect us all differently? Effexor made me sick to my stomach, Zoloft made me feel as close to normal as I ever felt, but killed the sex life. Wellbutrin I adored, but I was allergic to it and got hives. Cymbalta, which I'm on now, has never made me tired and hasn't helped so much with the pain that others experience.
  8. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    Cymbalta is not only used for depression it is also used for pain. This is according to my doctor and also talks about it on Cymbalta's website.

    Specifically (the website says) for diabetic neuropathy. I think diabetic neuropathy pain is a lot like fibro pain and has to do with the nerve impulses.

    I already take Welbutrin, my doctor said he was prescribing the cymbalta for pain. Some people who are not depressed still find it effective for pain.

    Cymbalta works on certain neurotransmitters. My doctor told me which ones but uh...I forget which ones right now. Sorry:)

    I have only been on for a short while but I think my pain is better. It took a few days for me to notice a difference. I still have pain but it is significantly better.

    I hope it works for you.

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